Birthday Celebration Box

480 Grams
INR 800

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Estimated Delivery Date: 17/08/2020
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What's inside the box

4 x Silk Plain 60g each, 4 x Silk Oreo 60g each, 3 Whistles, 1 Birthday cap and 1 Birthday banner
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Organise a surprise Birthday party with Cadbury's Birthday Celebrations Box. This box is filled with assorted bars of Cadbury Chocolates, 3 whistles, 1 birthday cap and 1 birthday banner. It also has a birthday card that can be personalized with person's name, picture along with birthday wishes which makes the 'Happy Birthday' message even more special.

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ul class="pdp__ingredients__list">
  • Silk Plain
  • Sugar
  • Milk Solids (25%)
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Cocoa Solids
  • Emulsifiers (442, 476)
  • Silk Oreo
  • Milk Chocolate 53%*;
  • Sugar
  • Milk Solids (12%)
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Cocoa Solids
  • Emulsifiers (442, 476)
  • Centre 47%*;
  • Edible vegetable Fat
  • Biscuit 14%*;
  • Refined Wheat Flour
  • Sugar
  • Palmolein oil
  • Invert Sugar
  • Cocoa Solids
  • Leavening agent (500(ii) , 503(ii)
  • Edible Salt
  • Emulsifiers(322)
  • Sugar
  • Milk Solids
  • Emulsifiers(442)
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    What is the size of the box in dimensions?

    260 x 220 x 48 mm

    What is the delivery timeline for the box?

    10 Days

    Is delivery chargeable?


    What does the box contain?

    4 units of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo-60g, 4 unit of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Plain- 60g, 3 Whistles, 1 Birthday Banner, 1 Birthday Cap with a Birthday special sticker

    What occasions is the box perfect for gifting?

    Birthday Gifting