10 Personalised Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Perhaps, the hardest people to find gifts for are those who are the closest to your heart. Also, you can’t get away with a ‘so-so’ gift assuming that it’ll express your feelings, especially on a day it’s your best friend’s birthday. Since a best friend is someone who chooses to stay with you despite knowing your good and bad, they deserve nothing but exclusivity.

Coming to the core, finding an appropriate gift and that too for your best friend can be an ordeal. But with your friendship lasting almost more than decades, you may be have a clear idea about their dislikes and likes. It is here in this space that personalised gifts steal the limelight. After all best friend’s birthday gifts ought to be outstanding, yet one that’s thoughtful; something that even they had never expected.

1. Charging hub: This one’s the most convenient and useful of all. As though taking pictures and face timing wasn’t enough that now Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter are equally taking up the time and increasing the battery usage. Thus, gifting your bestie a charging hub will be an ideal birthday gift that they will cherish for a long time.

2. Personalised chocolates: This is that one gift that’s loved and desired by all and it can’t ever go wrong. But since it’s your best friend’s birthday, plan on adding a twist to the whole personalised chocolate gift idea. You can team it with a picture collage or instead get a personalised birthday gift box – consisting of chocolates, with the name and an image printed on the box for a dash of appeal.

Add a Touch of Personalisation to Your Best Friend's Birthday Gift

3. Framed memories: Like the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words and a collection of pictures displayed on your gallery wall with your bestie in it is an evidence of the fact. The pictures could be incidents from the previous birthdays, or a trip down south, a night out or a get together with your college gang and many more. Every picture would then remind your bestie of the love and friendship you both have shared together. Thus, to preserve the memories, get them framed using personalised frames for a dash of fancy.

4. Coordinating t-shirts: T-shirts are a comfort wear and you can pair them with almost anything, like a jacket, denim and skirt to name a few. You can treat your bestie with matching tees to flaunt your exemplary friendship both metaphorically and literally.

5. Personalised mugs: Everybody loves a good decadent cup of coffee or tea, and especially when you have personalised mugs to go with it, it’s nothing short of a delight. Since you know your bestie with eyes closed, you also know which beverage is their weakness. So play on the lines and get personalised mugs for them to prepare their perfect cup. For a hint of fancy, you can amaze them with personalised magic mugs which are a true wonder to behold

6. Personalised photo lamp: Serving a dual purpose, lamps are indispensable keepsakes as well as good home decor items. To display the importance of your friend and your gratefulness for their presence which lights up and cuts through all the negativity, a customised photo lamp makes an appropriate gift.

7. A journal: For a person who loves to scribble stories and pen thoughts, a customised journal will make an apt birthday gift. Get a leather-bound journal with your friend’s name etched on it in gold to make it stand out.

8. Gift cards: Gift cards are emerging as the latest trend nowadays. They can be anything ranging from shoe stores, salons, spas, apparel stores and more, somewhere your bestie will prefer going to.

9. DIY Greeting cards: Here your artistic talent will come handy when you sit down to create a DIY greeting card for your best friend. You could choose any theme or something your friend loves and use it to create the artwork on the card. Embellish it with glitter, paper cut-outs and ribbons to bring back the childhood memories. Although a little cliche, but such DIY items make one of the finest gifts to give your best friend for her birthday.

10. Gift of time: Time is one of the exclusive gifts you can give to your best friend. At times being bodily present may be a constraint and so we opt for gifts that are rather a physical manifestation of our love. Little does it matter, but being present in person and spending time with your best friend is one of those gifts that no other material item can outweigh. A one-on-one time with your soul mate positively tops the list of personalised birthday gift ideas for your best friend.


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