10 Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day has always been associated with romantic love and the celebration of the relationship between partners. It is an expression of love and appreciation for your romantic partner and for how much the relationship means to you. Here are a few beautiful ways in which you can show your love and celebrate your relationship.

1. Go conventional and present your partner with a Valentine’s chocolate gift and red roses. Check out Cadbury Gifting’s specially curated Valentine hampers and packs, personalise the one you choose with a heartfelt message and a photo of both of you and gift it to her/him with the number of roses equal to the years/months that you’ve been together.

2. Go even more conventional and do a romantic dinner at a favourite restaurant. Dress up to the hilt for the occasion, aiming to impress your partner. Enjoy an intimate conversation in the candlelight, order your favourite dishes and celebrate with champagne or your favourite wine.

3. Head out for a romantic getaway to the mountains or the beach, whichever you prefer. Spend quality time together to bond and strengthen your relationship. Treasure the quiet moments that you share with each other.

4. Make a scrapbook of your relationship together. Gather up all the photos and memorabilia of your relationship and celebrate Valentine's Day by creating a scrapbook while reliving the happy moments and savouring them by relating to each other and what those moments meant to each of you.

5. Exchange unusual gifts and tell each other why you chose them. There is no dearth of Valentine’s Day gift ideas on Cadbury Gifting – choose one that you think will work for her/him and go with it. It might be fun to pick up something quirky and have fun while talking about it.

6. Enjoy a romantic movie marathon. Streaming services and television channels are brimming full of romantic movies around this occasion so choose the ones that you remember enjoying and binge-watch. Getting mushy with some oldie goldies such as Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, When Harry met Sally or Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai, Dilwale Dulanhiya Le Jayenge will be fun.

7. Make a bucket list together. List out all the things you would like to do together such as travel to dream destinations, do adventure sports and holidays, concerts/musicians you’d like to attend, interests/hobbies you would like to develop, and movies you’d like to see. Put down everything even the most trivial idea and share the list with each other on Valentine’s Day. Spend the day planning what will happen when from the list.

8. Go on a staycation. Book yourselves in for a night at the most luxurious hotel in your city and spend the day enjoying yourselves with the amenities at the hotel. Experience the relaxing spa, take an energetic swim, dress up for a romantic dinner and generally spoil each other silly.

9. Go on a picnic. Put together some delicious goodies and drinks, pick up your Bluetooth speaker, pack up the car and head out for a long drive to a picnic spot outside the city. Spend the day relaxing amidst nature and with each other and return rejuvenated in terms of your relationship.

10. Have a party all on your own. Get hold of some party gear such as hats, balloons, streams and do up your drawing/living room like a disco. Order food/drinks from your favourite restaurant. Clear the space in your drawing/living room for a dance floor. Dress up for the party and arrive at the ‘venue’ to let your hair down and dance into the wee hours to your favourite music.


Though Valentine’s Day is all about romance, you could also use the occasion to express your affection and appreciation for them to your friends and families and spend an enjoyable day with them.

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