10 ways to make Rakhi at home deeply meaningful

Often, the true significance of Raksha Bandhan is lost in our rush to ‘just get done’ with the Rakhi- tying rituals and move to the gifting and feasting. This year let’s make a difference. Here are 10 ideas to get you thinking about how to make Rakhi at home a festival to remember for years to come.

  1. Share the Story of Raksha Bandhan
  2. Have a story-telling session with younger members of your family or even in families of close friends. Tell them the story of Raksha Bandhan: of Lord Krishna averting the humiliation of his ‘Rakhi sister’ Draupadi at court, or the gallant tale of Emperor Humayun rushing to the aid of Rani Karnavati of Mewar who had sent him a Rakhi.

    The legends around the festival are delightfully engaging and talk of why Rakhi is celebrated. The tales all underline the importance of Rakhi, of togetherness, and the need to be supportive and kind to each other.

  3. Celebrate the Importance of Raksha Bandhan
  4. Reach out to all the relatives and friends you may have lost touch with over the years, and send them personalised bars of Silk chocolate from CadburyGifting. Get the packs customised with a photo of yours, waving to the camera, and thoughtful messages… ‘Let’s catch up!’, ‘Been too long…’; ‘I miss your wisecracks’; ‘Remembering you this Rakhi’. After, Rakhi is all about making connections.

  5. Unusual Rakhi Gift Suggestion
  6. Send home a large Silk Potli of Cadbury Silk chocolates as a Rakhi gift for your help’s family. Add a sweet message to show how much you appreciate her support and turning up for work – come hail or thunderstorm.

  7. Raksha Bandhan Activity to Touch Hearts
  8. If you want to go the extra mile this year, do the research to identify an orphanage that you would like to contribute to. Get a list of the children and have Cadbury Silk chocolates delivered for each child with his or her name on them. If it is difficult to get individual photos in the space for the photo on the pack, have fun emojis placed.

  9. Raksha Bandhan Surprise for Brother and Sister
  10. Get your children to do something special for each other. Maybe you could help each choose a special Rakhi gift for the other and add personalised Silk chocolate to the gift pack, to be exchanged a few days before the festival and the formal Rakhi-tying.

  11. For extended Family: Raksha Bandhan Surprise
  12. Living in urban nuclear families, and especially with the raging pandemic, ties with extended family are fast fading. Rakhi is a good time to encourage your kids to send across Rakhi messages to their relatives in different cities. The Silk chocolate bar from Cadbury Gifting works best for this purpose. Tell them to write out a thoughtful message when they are filling up the gifting details on the page.

  13. How to make Rakhi a Surprise Occasion
  14. This is a Rakhi celebration idea that will delight your parents. Surprise your parents – if they live in a different city – by paying them an unscheduled visit this Rakhi. After all, it’s thanks to them you have siblings! And if you’re an only child, all the more reason to visit them during Rakhi – they are everything to you!

  15. How to Make Rakhi at Home a Happy Bonding Time
  16. Look up easy Rakhi making ideas on the Internet. Once you get the basics right, spend a fun weekend at home making ‘statement’ Rakhis. Instead of using beads, glitter and other crafty ideas, here’s how you can make the best Rakhi ‘designs’. Simply write what you feel for the person on the Rakhi. For e.g.: ‘LOVE you most!’, ‘My Saviour!’, ‘Respect Always’; ‘Partner in Crime’.

  17. Rakhi Celebration Idea with friends & family
  18. This year invite your close friends and family over for a potluck Rakhi meal. Arrange special sweets for Rakhi as return gifts: personalised bars of Cadbury’s Silk chocolate from CadburyGifting for each of your guests, with their photo and a note from you in it. You don’t even need any gift wrapping ideas – CadburyGifting has each chocolate in a nice customised pack with the individual’s name on it.

    Encourage your guests to open up their gifts and read out the fun messages in them. (Eg of messages: ‘Your infectious laugh: one bug we’re keen to catch’ or ‘Our very own fashion diva’.

    The ‘Cadbury celebrations Rakhi’ occasion will be remembered by all for long.

  19. Celebrate Positivity
  20. In this auspicious time, do yourself a good turn: De-clutter your mind. Tie up any negativity you may have in you - resentment, grudges, envy, what-ifs – dump this bag in an imaginary bin & ‘press’ delete forever.

    Even if you don’t manage to follow all of these ‘10 commandments’, pick the few that resonates with you, add some of your own if you like, and make it a super special Raksha Bandhan!