12 Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Parents

As kids, there are only a few occasions to celebrate the milestones achieved by our parents, of which their wedding anniversary is one. It is a special day when years ago they had promised to stay by each other’s side for better or for worse.

To make this a noteworthy anniversary, you can plan a surprise for both and shower them with love. They will obviously have their day booked to spend with the other, so don’t make reservations but instead purchase a special gift. To help you out with this venture, here are some anniversary gift ideas for parents that you can consider to make it extra special!

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

  1. Caricature Portrait
  2. A caricature is a form of art which is cute and often loved by most. You could get one made for your parents and try recreating an old picture. A framed caricature portrait would be a fond memory for both of them and could elicit recollection of the past. So go ahead and find a good caricature artist along with the funniest picture of your parents together!

  3. Family Tree Wall Hanging
  4. If your parents are into wall art and decor, you can get a customised family tree wall hanging for them. But there will be some research going into this, so you better think this gift idea through. The family tree can be carved in wood or made digitally but make sure the colour scheme and design goes with your home. This will be a special anniversary gift for mom and dad, which will ensure compliments the next time someone visits!

  5. Personalised Box of Chocolates
  6. Sr. No.
    Personalised Gifting Ideas
    1. Warm Wishes Year Round Gift Bag - Large ₹ 800
    2. Personalised I Love You Neon Pack ₹ 650
    3. Personalised All Occasion Gift Pack ₹ 650
    4. Premium Cookies Tin ₹ 550
    5. Silk Personalised Bar ₹ 400

    Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents Personalized Chocolates

    Who doesn’t like chocolates when it has been the go-to item for celebrating most occasions? And no one can refuse it as it is an indulgence for many of us. So leave a box of personalised chocolates on their bedside table with a special note. You bet such personalised gifts will definitely warm their hearts and be the start of a wonderful day together.

  7. Name Placard
  8. Placards are always a thoughtful gift that can be hung outside the house or on their bedroom door. It gives a sense of belonging, and what is a better anniversary gift for mom and dad? You can put a personalised message on the placard and choose a fancy design to go with your parent’s house.

  9. Spa Gift Vouchers
  10. Depending on how their day looks like, you can book a spa appointment for your parents. A day of pampering is much-needed and getting it as wedding anniversary gifts for parents will surely be appreciated. So go ahead a purchase two vouchers complete with a refreshing message.

  11. Recreate Old Pictures
  12. As a wedding anniversary, you can pick some childhood pictures and recreate them with your sibling. This can be the best way to remind them of the good old days and will definitely bring a smile to their face.

  13. Customised Bobbleheads
  14. Customised bobbleheads are adorable and quirky gifts that can beat most presents. Your parents can easily place it in their car or by the Television, whichever place that suits them. You can customise the bobbleheads to be in the wedding attire just to make it wedding anniversary special!

    Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents Customised Bobbleheads

  15. Beautiful Plants
  16. Many parents are plant lovers and look after them just like their own child. If your mom and dad are one of them, you can buy them a beautiful succulent or a bonsai to mark this specific day. Surely such a present will turn out to be one of the golden wedding anniversary gifts they ever received!

  17. Gift Hamper
  18. Gift hampers are the ultimate present cherished by most as it comes with some fantastic items. As this is for your parents, you can personalise it to include things loved by both. So go all out!

  19. Customised Wine Set for Two
  20. If your parents are celebrating a silver or a golden jubilee anniversary, the best way to commemorate this day would be to toast it. Get a customised wine set with the lucky year engraved on the glass. This can be their personal set to celebrate every happy moment henceforth!

  21. Quaint Getaway
  22. Most couples love getaways which takes them far away from the usual scenery and the hustle and bustle. So gift your parents a lovely trip to a quaint place and help them escape to a beautiful location for their anniversary.

  23. Frame A Love Quote
  24. Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents Love Quote

    To remind them of their eternal love and care for each other, you can gift them a romantic quote and frame it. You know that they will proudly point it out for the guests for the next visit!

    Wishing your parents a Happy Anniversary! May you get them the best gift and win their hearts.