13 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for your coworkers that they would appreciate

They've seen you when you're down, been with you through your mood swings, and celebrated your work milestones. They might not be your home team right away, but they are your team away from home. So, appreciate your colleagues by being their Secret Santa this Christmas season and show your gratitude.

We’ve compiled a list of top 13 office secret Santa gifts that you can give to your favourite co-workers this year. Let’s look below:

  1. Engraved Pencil Set
  2. There is nothing cooler than an engraved pencil set. So, surprise your co-workers with this hand-stamped pencil set that’ll compel them to start putting together a to-do list. Go ahead and engrave inspirational messages, their names, or even quotes from their favourite movies on each pencil in the set.

    Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Engraved Pencil Set

  3. Lasercut Journal
  4. Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Lasercut journal

    There is nothing more satisfying than putting your thoughts on paper. This laser-cut journal takes writing experience a notch higher. It inspires free-flowing thoughts and lets you pen down poetry and verses with ease. Indeed, one of the greatest innovation for all writers.

  5. Waterproof Notepads
  6. If Archimedes had his Eureka moment in the shower, so can your colleagues. For all those unpredictable times, a waterproof notepad is exactly what they need. With this notepad, your co-workers can easily jot down all their notes without the fear of letting it slip out of the mind. Now, the next time a great idea strikes them like a thunderbolt, they won’t have to run anywhere!

    Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Waterproof Notepads

  7. Personalised Chocolate Box
  8. Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Personalised Chocolates

    Nothing beats the magic of personalisation, especially if it is clubbed with chocolates. So, pamper your loved ones with a beautiful personalised box of Christmas chocolates to bring in the sweetness of the holiday season. A customised chocolate box makes a special Secret Santa gift idea for co-workers who are your constant support system amidst the chaos.

  9. Quirky Desk Mat
  10. This Christmas season, amp up their work station with a quirky desk mat. This mat will easily stand out from the rest of their things loitering around on their table. Trust us, it is the first thing that everyone will notice at your co-worker’s table. Now, that’s something to envy!

    Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Desk Mat

  11. Lunch Containers
  12. Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Lunch Container

    A light-weight lunch container will make carrying meals at work so much easier. In fact, it is a great way to find a home for sugary treats and healthy salads. So, invest in a good-quality lunch container for your colleagues to ensure that they bring along their food with them at work every day. That way, they will not end up starving themselves!

  13. Sparkle, Hustle, Grow Box
  14. Who doesn’t love an inspiring and motivating Christmas gift? We don’t know about others, but your co-workers definitely do! Fill in a spectacular basket with tech gadgets, training materials, and fancy office supplies for your colleagues. This gift box is bound to win their hearts!

  15. Foodie Dice
  16. Every office crew has a foodie. And we are sure you have one too. In that case, a foodie dice makes an excellent Christmas gift for them! It is a must-have game for every person that appreciates a wholesome meal. A foodie dice has tons of options for delicious meal combinations.

  17. Travel Cup
  18. A great Christmas present for everyone who is always seen out and about with their favourite drink in hands! This Christmas, watch them turn this compact and light-weight mug into their travel buddy. It is an absolute hit among all the caffeine addicts.

    Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Travel Cup

  19. Flip Calendar
  20. Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Flip Calendar

    It is normal for all of you to lose a track of dates and events. Well if your loved ones are forgetful too, a flip calendar is a blessing in disguise for them. It makes an ideal Christmas gift for co-workers to never miss an important date or event in their life.

  21. Baby Groot Pen Holder
  22. Let us all agree that Baby Groot was the cutest thing on Avengers. Well if your colleagues agree with you, Christmas is a great time to surprise them with a Baby Groot pen holder. Apart from its appealing look, the interesting part about this adorable desk piece is that it can be used either as a pen holder or a planter.

  23. Ceramic Planter Pots
  24. Move away from the regular potted plants. This year, let a chic ceramic planter take over ample space on your colleague’s desk. It is the ultimate desk decor that looks stylish from every corner. So, earn brownie plants from your nature-loving co-workers by giving them a ceramic planter pot on Christmas.

    Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Ceramic Planter Pots

  25. Mini Dart Board
  26. Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers- Mini Dart Board

    As you all know, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your co-workers dull their sparkle at work. Give them a mini dartboard to keep themselves entertained amidst their routine hustle. It’s a great Christmas gift for colleagues to remind them to take their breaks.

    This year, follow our lead and pick a Christmas present for your colleagues right away. With our list, we are sure that you’ll make Secret Santa gift exchange a memorable experience this year. Merry Christmas!