13 Secret Santa Gift for Girlfriend to Express your Love

Women don’t confess it often. But, they secretly love receiving presents. In fact, they never seem to get over the kind gesture of receiving gifts. So then who’s ready to surprise your girl with a lovely present?

The Christmas season is your chance to shine in front of her. Whether you want to surprise her with something customised or straight-up cute, make the gift count for your lady love this year.

Celebrate the special lady in your life this Christmas season with our list of top 13 Secret Santa gifts:

  1. Wallet Case Card Holder
  2. She might swear by her wallet wherever she goes. But, she might also end up forgetting it at times. So, how do you help her with this now? Well, in that case, all you have to do is give her a wallet case cardholder as it makes the best Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend. It is a sliding card holder that comes attached to the phone case. That way, she’ll never leave her cash behind.

    Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend -Wallet case card holder

  3. Storm Cloud
  4. Is your girlfriend an Astrophile - someone who loves the sky - and every now and then she turns to you to say, "Babe! Look at the sky. So pretty, right?" The happiness and innocence on her face are undoubtedly memorable. If you want your girlfriend to have a piece of sky with her at all times, there's something we can help you with. It's a Storm Cloud - a crystal piece that changes colour based on the atmosphere outside. Gift her this crystal and watch her gaze at it in awe. Now, that's one way to win your girl's heart!

  5. Personalised Chocolate Box
  6. Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend -Personalised Chocolate Box

    A personalised gift, such as a premium box of chocolate is the perfect Christmas gift for her. Choose a box loaded with delicious chocolates to lift her holiday spirit this season. Get a special Christmas message printed for her and watch the glow on her after opening the chocolate box.

  7. Stationery Subscription
  8. Every month, your stationery-obsessed boss girl will receive a box of happiness. Pick a stationery box loaded with seven of her favourite items. It can be anything from a fancy-looking pen to planner essentials. Trust us, the joy on her face after receiving a beautiful box packed with the things of her choice every month will be a sight to behold.

    Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend -Stationery Subscription

  9. I Wrote A Book About Us
  10. Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend -I Wrote a book about us

    Boyfriends and words of expression don’t go hand in hand, do they? Oh c’mon now. We all know you might shy away from telling her how much she means to you. Well, this Christmas season, don’t hold your true feelings anymore. Write down everything that you ever wanted to tell her in this book titled “I Wrote A Book About Us.” Get ready for some serious water works too!

  11. Swan Ring holder
  12. Does she always get a mini heart attack when she can’t find one of her ten thousand mid rings in the drawers? Well, if that’s the case, save her from the early morning breakdowns and gift her a swan ring holder. It is an elegant piece to hold all her rings in a single place. Trust us, she will hold it close to her heart and her drawers of course!

  13. Travel Jewellery Case
  14. Travelling might be the last thing on her mind right now. But, trust us, a petite travel jewellery case is exactly what she needs! She can easily carry her tiny pieces of jewellery wherever she goes without the fear of misplacing it. And guess what? Its pretty-looking design will amp up the whole look of her dressing table. So, choose a bright pop of colour for the case and go ahead and personalise it with her initials.

  15. Pasta Maker
  16. Raise your hands if your girl is the pasta expert in town. Well then, there’s nothing better than a pasta maker as a gift for her! Choose the one that lets her make spaghetti, farfalle, fettuccine, and pasta of course in the machine. You can even get her pasta attachments along with the machine.

    Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend -Pasta Maker

  17. Lip Treatment Duo Set
  18. Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend - Lip treatment Duo Set

    ‘Tis the season for plenty of hugs and kisses, people. Giving your lady love a lip treatment duo set will earn you more brownie points. This pretty pink set will work magic on her lips- exfoliate her lips- combat dryness. It makes one of the perfect Secret Santa Gifts for your girlfriend who prefers extra hydration to get that extra flush on her beautiful lips.

  19. Shirt Dress
  20. Do you often wonder how she manages to slay every look? Well, hold that thought. A shirt dress is a classy addition to her wardrobe that will take her fashion game a notch higher. It is an excellent Secret Santa gift for her to nail the next big deck or a day out. Purchase a solid-coloured dress with slits and cut-outs to make her stand out from the rest.

  21. Boss Lady Candle
  22. Let’s admit it: You are in awe of your boss lady. We are sure you can’t help but adore how fearlessly she embraces herself, right? Well, this Christmas celebration, tell her how much you admire her badass approach towards life by giving her a boss lady candle. It is an ideal Secret Santa gift idea for the girlfriend who believes in making it big one day.

  23. Yoga Essentials
  24. Is your favourite gal a yoga enthusiast? Well, brace yourselves as we have the perfect Secret Santa gift for your little yoga freak. Stack all the yoga goodies, such as a lululemon mat, yoga pants, etc. To top it all up, you can even tell her how her firefly yoga pose impresses you ;)

    Secret Santa Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend- Yoga Essentials

  25. Matcha Guide Book
  26. If your girlfriend swears by matcha, you are in sheer luck! This year, surprise her with a matcha guide book that consists of different food and drinks recipes. You can even go a step further and include a jar of matcha with the cookbook. Amazing, right?

    So, what are you waiting for? Christmas is already round the corner. Hurry and surprise her this year with the above-mentioned interesting gift items. And who knows, she’ll even let you borrow one of the gifts you gave! ;)