15 Amazing Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids, Adults & Family Members

Who doesn’t remember some of the best return gifts you received in a party? It may be a long time ago, but the memory stayed with you as the present seemed special. Similarly, when hosting a party, you can come up with some exciting return gift ideas to give to your friends.

Now, it can be tough when the party includes adults as well as children. Thus, to help you with return gift ideas for kids and adults, here are some amazing items you can get and make it unique for everyone.

Return Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Pencil Case
  2. We all remember insisting for a new pencil case every time during a new school year as it was a chance to grab a better one. Eventually, by the time school year ended, we had either lost our case or the things inside it. So, this is an excellent chance to make the kids happy by gifting a pencil case.

  3. Coffee Mugs
  4. Though kids start having coffee and tea at a later stage, there is just a different thrill of owning a big mug like your parents. So you can opt for a cup with cartoons suitable for children and pack it up for a pleasant surprise!

    Return Gift Ideas for Kids Coffee Mugs

  5. Crayons Set
  6. Return Gift Ideas for Kids Crayon Set

    Crayons are the prized possessions of most kids as drawing is the most fun activity. You can make their day by getting a nice set of crayons with various colour shades. You bet the kids will be in a hurry to get home and start colouring.

  7. Storybooks
  8. Novels like R.L.Stein’s Goosebumps and Enid Blyton’s Famous Five were the stories that are still fresh with us. They were a boon to most as children and did teach us a lesson or two. To enable the kids to experience similar excitement for reading, go ahead and gift them storybooks!

    Return Gift Ideas for Kids Story books

  9. Board Games
  10. Return Gift Ideas for Kids Board Games

    Summer vacations for many were filled with Ludo and Snakes & Ladder. It would keep you glued to the game until you won. Now numerous board games have come up, you can select the most fun one for the kids.

  11. Colouring Books
  12. Through the years, colouring books taught us discipline and also ignited creativity when we decided to defy the colours marked in the book. This will be a great activity for the kids and a fantastic return gift idea. So choose some colouring book with fancy designs!

    Return Gift Ideas for Kids Colouring Book

  13. Backpacks
  14. As return gift ideas for kids, backpacks are more comfortable to buy as you can opt for a gender-neutral colour without worry. Most kids also require it for various purposes like school, picnics, etc., so you can get a stylish backpack as a present!

Return Gift Ideas for Adults

  1. Elegant Coasters
  2. Return Gift Ideas for Adults Elegant Coasters

    Once in a while, you must enjoy taking out your special coasters for guests to show off the lovely patterns. As return gifts for adults, coasters are a perfect choice. You bet the next time your friend sits down for a drink; you will get a call for the coaster!

  3. Scarfs
  4. Scarfs are much-needed not just for winters but also to ward off the pollution! So get shopping for the essential accessory and choose some vibrant colours.

    Return Gift Ideas for Adults Scarf

  5. Personalised Gifts
  6. Return Gift Ideas for Adults Personalised Chocolates

    Chocolates are everyone’s favourite, and most would prefer to get it as a gift. So present your friends with the most delicious chocolates as a return gift. You can also get personalised chocolates just to add a special touch to the present.

  7. Decor Piece
  8. Decor pieces are easier to find and are hassle-free gifts if you know your friends well. Even if not, it’s simple to guess as no one fusses over wall hangings and wind-chimes. So opt for simple yet beautifully designed decor piece!

    Return gifts for adults decor piece

  9. Stylish Billfold
  10. Slim billfolds with a money clip are the ongoing trend. It would pose as the best return gifts for adults out there. If you want to avoid the issue of buying wallets based on gender, opt for gender-neutral colours and patterns. This present will be an instant hit!

  11. Gift Vouchers
  12. If nothing comes to mind, gift vouchers are your go-to present. Pick a nice brand or an online shopping voucher and leave it up to them. You know your friends will surely thank you for getting them the perfect present!

  13. Metal Showpieces
  14. You must have seen numerous metal showpieces at people’s home that just brighten up space. You can get similar ones as return gifts for adults and try to personalise it by choosing a unique one for everyone!

  15. Mason Jar
  16. Return Gift Ideas for Adults Mason Jar

    Mason jars are a must and have recently grown popular amongst the masses. You can opt for colourful mason jars and maybe thrown in a small thank you letter inside just in case!