Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts

Relationships take work. But for a couple that lives continents apart, it is double the work and efforts. Whether it is a day’s drive or a few thousand miles of distance between the two lovebirds, keeping the romance alive gets a tad challenging. Well, the good news is that thoughtful gestures, such as sending gifts on special occasions like Valentine’s Day actually helps!

This year, bridge the distance and make Valentine’s Day count with these romantic long-distance gifts:

  1. Personalised Chocolates
  2. Chocolates are a classic tradition for many couples on Valentine’s Day. Well, this year, you can take the celebration a notch higher with a personalised box of chocolates. Fortunately, you can deliver these Valentine’s Day chocolates with an engraved message to your lover who stays miles away from you. Now, isn’t that quite a way to bring a smile on their face even while staying apart?

    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples-Personalised Chocolates
    Sr. No.
    Personalised Chocolates
    1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Heart Shaped Valentine's Gift Box ₹ 800
    2. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Valentine's Silk Personalised Bar ₹ 400
    3. Cadbury's I love You Neon Personalised Chocolate Gift Pack ₹ 650
    4. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk & Oreo special Valentine's Gift Edition Pack ₹ 750

  3. Fleece Photo Blanket
  4. Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Fleece Photo Blanket

    This Valentine’s Day, keep your partner warm and comfortable with a stylish fleece photo blanket. Personalise it with your name and adorable pictures of the two of you together. Trust us, it is the best long-distance Valentine’s gift for your partner!

  5. Countdown Clock
  6. It is rightly said that the absence can make the heart grow fonder. Perhaps, that’s exactly why the feeling of seeing your partner after ages is unexplainable. So, set a countdown to your next meeting by giving your partner a clock. It will build the excitement further as your loved one can keep track of every second and minute until the special day.

    Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Countdown Clock

  7. Classic Typewriter
  8. Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Classic Typewriter

    There is something about an old-school romance, no? We are sure most of you adore such a love story. Well if your long-distance lover is a sucker for all things old-school too, we have the perfect gift. It’s a vintage classic typewriter. Give it to your lover on Valentine’s Day that is loaded with ink and paper.

  9. Card Game
  10. Are your conversations falling short because of the distance? Well, in that case, place your safest bet on the perfect long-distance relationship Valentine’s Day gift idea, which is ‘we’re not really strangers’ card game- a Q&A game that is a sure-shot way that leads to meaningful discussions. Interesting no?

    Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Card Game

  11. Pocket Hug Coin
  12. Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Pocket Hug Coin

    We can’t even imagine how badly your loved one must be missing those big-bear hugs right now. Well, in that case, we have just the right pick for your partner. It’s a pocket hug coin. It’s a tiny silver coin that can safely stay in the corner of their pocket, wallet, or purse. Engrave their initials and send it across to them to stay close.

  13. Silver-plated Fortune Cookie
  14. Write yourself down in your better half’s future with an elegant silver-plated fortune cookie. With a fortune cookie, you can leave a personal message inside and wait for your loved ones to open it on Valentine’s Day. And guess what? You can also change these messages after V-Day and hide them back again in the fortune cookie.

    Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Silver-plated Fortune Cookie

  15. Long-distance Bracelet Set
  16. Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Long-distance Bracelet Set

    Sending a couple bracelet to your long-distance partner will earn you infinite brownie points. So, purchase a long-distance bracelet set, download the required app to connect these bracelets, and watch the magic unfold. On tapping it, your partner’s bracelet will light up immediately.

  17. Wooden Postcard
  18. This season, think out-of-the-box and surprise your partner sitting miles away from you with a wooden postcard. These are the most unique keepsakes that your special one will cherish for years to come. So, design a beautiful wooden postcard with pictures, quotes, or messages.

    Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Wooden Postcard

  19. Mobile Phone Holder
  20. Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Mobile Phone Holder

    Video calls are a major part of every long-distance relationship. But hey, there’s one thing that nobody tells you about these never-ending video calls. After a long duration, your arms can actually hurt from holding the phone. So, save your loved ones the trouble and buy them a sturdy mobile phone holder to enjoy long-lasting calls without complaining.

  21. Snack Subscription
  22. A lover can act like a mother at the same time. It is their constant thoughts that make you worry about them and their eating habits. Don’t fret. All you have to do is order a snack-filled subscription plan to ensure they are fed well even from a distance. Look for a plan with their favourite snacks such as granola bars, popcorn, trail mix, etc.

    Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Snack Subscription

  23. Letters To Open When
  24. Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Letters To Open When

    An instant hit among long-distance partners. When you cannot see each other on particular occasions, these letters will work all their charm. Each of them is meant to be opened on particular days when your better half is down, angry, happy, or even missing you the most. That way, you can stay connected even from a distance!

  25. His and Her Pillowcase
  26. Despite the many miles between the two of you, you can still be the last thing on your lover’s mind. Thanks to His and Her pillowcase! This couple pillowcase is a thoughtful reminder that the two of you are together in spirit.

    Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-His and Her Pillowcase

  27. Photo Keyring
  28. Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Photo Keyring

    A keyring might seem tiny but it makes one of the best long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones. You know why? Well, it’s simply because of the picture of the two of you on it. Get an adorable image printed on the keyring and watch them hold it close to their heart for a lifetime.

  29. Love Quote Shadow Box
  30. Great for Valentine’s Day! Beautifully decorated with artistry, a shadow box consists of all things nice for your loved ones. You can drop some of their favourite movie quotes, handwritten notes, polaroid pictures, and ticket stubs in the box. Take them down memory lane with this attractive keepsake.

    Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts-Love Quote Shadow Box

    Our list of long-distance gift ideas for your partner will make it easier to sail your boat smoothly despite the time difference and different locations on Valentine’s Day. Give a little extra thought this year and voila. The next thing that you know is that your significant other is weeping on the phone holding the gift close to their heart.