5 Chocolate Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sisters | Rakhi 2022

It’s that time of the year when you tell your sister how amazing she is, even more than usual. Show her how much you appreciate everything she has done for you by gifting her a ‘sweet celebration’ from Cadbury.

The significance of Raksha Bandhan has the same meaning to every sibling who has shared the journey through the ups and downs. It’s not just the bonds within the family circle but also the ones that go beyond it. Like the ‘Akka/Didi’ next door or a friend turned sister from school who has walked every step with you over the years.

Let’s celebrate the sister who has played many roles, from being a sibling, a best friend, even to a parent at times. We have handpicked a few chocolate gift ideas that will be an excellent choice for her this Rakhi.

For the elder sister, who is your strength

She’s the one who always has your back, supports you through all the decisions and helps you during the tough times. No matter what you do, she forgives you and always stays your confidante. Whenever you get into trouble, she is your shield who reasons with your parents and covers up your mess. But later, she makes you spill the beans over your favourite drink and talks some sense into you. For that beautiful, simple and brave sister, Cadbury Rakhi Potli is the best choice. It comes in a cute potli, so you don’t have to rack your brains for any gift wrapping ideas.

This bundle of joy contains pure chocolate bliss in the form of Dairy Milk Silk range - Plain, Bubbly, Fruit & Nut, Oreo and Roast Almond. A little bit of everything, just like your sister. To commemorate the auspicious day, a rakhi and a surprise element, Roli and Chawal, is also part of this gift bag. Gift this Rakhi Potli to make her day. Don’t just leave it at that. Give it with a heartfelt Rakhi message by writing down how she’s your hero.

For the younger one who makes you laugh and annoys you at the same time

Chocolate Rakhi gift ideas for the sisters you bond with

A younger sister is usually the little munchkin who is your adorable darling and the one who sets your world on fire. She idolises you, makes silly jokes to see you smile and wants everything that you have. From your clothes to your secret snack stash, she wants and knows everything. That sneaky cute little thing cheers you up when you are sad but gets you in trouble with mom and dad. She follows you around and always wants your advice. She sneaks in food for you when you fight with your parents and calls you out on things when you lie. The Raksha Bandhan Special Bar for sister from Cadbury is an excellent chocolate gift idea for this clever and cute sister.

This chocolate box has an option to choose two chocolates from the Dairy Milk Silk range. Opt for a Silk Bubbly and Oreo to match her cheery features. You can personalise the gift with her name on it and a fun photo of the two of you on the pack. Isn’t this a great gift suggestion to win some brownie points with her?

For that cousin who just gets you

She is the one you have played with during the summer holidays, the one who you deck up with for family celebrations. You are partners in crime who make the most of the moment when you meet. She’s the one you plan trips with and take pointers on what to wear before going on a date. You share screenshots of conversations with her to ask for advice. Even though you live far apart, don’t speak every day or meet often, you just know what the other one is going through. Order this delightful Cadbury Rich Dry Fruit Personalised Gift Hamper from Cadbury gifting for that sister who’s like your twin.

It contains an array of Cadbury chocolates like Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Pack, Silk Hazelnut, Silk Roast Almond, Silk Fruit & Nut, Temptation Rum & Raisin and Temptation Almond Treat. You have an option to personalise the gift by sharing their name and a nice Rakhi message. You know she will love it!

For the one who plays the role of friend cum sister

You have shared lunchboxes, crushes, and a whole lot of Hungama. She’s that childhood friend who has grown up with you, seen you in your best and worst moments, and who accepts you just the way you are. Your parents just get along with her and are used to having her at home all the time. They talk to her to try and understand you better. She is your go-to buddy. Cadbury Pick n Mix Personalised I Love You Neon Pack is the perfect chocolate gift idea for your soul mate.

This brilliantly designed gift suggestion gives you an option to pick six chocolates of your choice from the Dairy Milk and Dairy Milk Silk range. It comes in a beautiful box with a neon design saying ’I LOVE YOU’. You need not have to hunt for gift wrapping ideas either. Choose her favourite chocolates and order them from Cadburygifting.

For that neighbour who cares for you like a sister

You met her when you moved into your new home back when you were in school. She was the first neighbour to smile, say hi and give you chocolates and goodies whenever you went over to her place. She has seen you grow up and treats you like a younger sister; sometimes even pamper you like a kid and prepare your comfort foods when you feel low. She gave you tips to dress up, helped you try makeup, cook and introduced you to some good music. Give her the best sweet for Rakhi, Celebrations Premium Assorted Gift Pack from Cadbury.

It contains a great combination of chocolates like Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Fruit and Nut, Roast Almond and Crackle. Scribble down a note saying how thankful you are for having helped you become what you are today. Give it with the gift when you wish her a happy Raksha Bandhan.

There is no celebration without some Chocolate in it. These Rakhi gift suggestions from Cadbury are easy to order, and each of them has its own WOW factor to impress your sister. So, hurry and plan now.

Have a beautiful and bonding Raksha Bandhan.