5 Chocolate Themed Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids in 2022

Birthdays are that one occasion that announces its arrival with a boom. This is because, apart from the incessant calls, it’s the decor props, food, return gifts and list of invitees that come into the picture. Since going big or making a day memorable is the current trend, the pressure falls on the birthday kids’ parents to find suitable favours that will etch a mark on the guests.

More often than not, birthdays are considered as parties that most children attend for fancy food and return gifts, with some good music of course. Making the trend are these return gifts that decide the how fun and enjoyable the party was. But often it gets difficult to choose a return favour that’s both unique and affordable. The ideal trick is to firstly, choose a theme. Once the theme gets finalised, it becomes easier to select a gift that’s appropriate to the party and its theme.

To know what item would be ideal as birthday return gifts for kids, let’s look at the table below:

Gifting Ideas
Gift Type
Special Feature
Celebrations Assorted Gift Pack Return Favour Mix of all Cadbury chocolates A mix of chocolates loved by one and all
Celebrations Premium Selection Return Favour A whole bar of chocolates Beautifully-designed gift pack
Silk Personalised Bar Return Favour Name printed on the box Personalisation on the chocolate box
Celebrations Assorted Pack Return Favour An assortment of chocolates Comes in a semi-transparent box with a mix of all chocolates
Pick n Mix Premium Potli Return Favour A beautifully-designed potli Chocolates packed in an ethnic-styled potli

These 5 themed chocolate return gifts will be loved and appreciated by kids of different groups. Since chocolates have umpteenth uses, they serve as the perfect birthday return gifts.

To know why these return gift ideas serve apt for your special one’s birthday party, take a look at why they are special and different from one another.

  • Celebrations Assorted Gift Pack - Relish a moment of serenity and magic with the goodness of your favourite chocolates that’ll leave everyone under its spell for a long time. The gift pack is designed in atypical manner that is loved and desired by all. It contains a wonderful blend of all your favourite chocolates namely, two dairy milk chocolates, two 5 stars and a packet of gems.

  • Celebrations Premium Selection - Who doesn’t love a bit of colour in a monotone picture? The same is with this chocolate pack. Everybody’s favourite dairy milk in a new attractive gift pack. It serves as an ideal treat to present to your near and dear ones for any occasion, be it an anniversary, birthday or festival. This beautiful pack of chocolate will leave you feeling satisfied as each cube of the chocolate melts with each bite of the delicious dairy milk chocolate.

  • Silk personalised bar - Silk is all about dwelling in the goodness, creaminess and richness of the chocolate. Containing a heavenly bar of dairy milk silk, this pack comes with customisations. You can print an image of and the name of the recipient for a more exclusive touch.

  • Celebration assorted pack - Specially designed to reap moments of magic, this gift pack contains an assortment of chocolates for everyone. It contains your favourite chocolates namely, 2 dairy milk, 1 5 star and two packets of gems.

  • Chocolates make Great Birthday Return Gifts for Kids
  • Pick & mix premium potli - Birthday return gifts should be exclusive and memorable and this premium chocolate potli is exclusively designed just for that! The potli comes with a golden drawstring knotted at both the ends for perfect closure. Beautiful and elegant, this potli will surely brighten the day of your friends.

  • Birthdays may come and go, but it’s the gifts and memories that leave a mark. So make sure that your gifts speak a thousand words, for your little one may be out on a memory-making spree for each and every birthday he/she celebrates.


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