5 Personalised Retirement Gifts for Your Employees

What rings in your head when you hear the word retirement? Ideally, it is the closing of one chapter but at the same time it also opens another doorway.

In short, it is a paradox in itself. As you feel the joy and ecstasy of starting a new chapter, you also feel an unsaid sadness of concluding the old one. This is the exact reason why retirement gifts are difficult to choose.

Since it is a sensitive phase of life, choosing presents that are thoughtful and something that celebrates the completion of an era is a must. Here is a list of 5 personalised retirement gifts for your employees.

1. Memory book

It is a given that a typical person spends almost one-third of their life at work. Although, even at this point, some of us still feel the horrible Monday morning blues week after week, regardless we still spend an amazing time at work. It is here that a memory book serves as the perfect retirement gift.

You can get a simple customised memory book along with a small photo book to showcase the special moments your colleague has shared with you at work. Pick photos that cover both the ugliest and best moments. After all it should paint a complete picture of the time spent at work.

2. Farewell Party

Well, who leaves an organisation without a farewell party? So, it is an obvious gesture that you can carry out for your colleague, if not the most. Irrespective of how your bond has been, it’ll be an awful faux pas to not arrange a farewell exit for your colleague on his/her last day. Therefore, organise a small or grand party, depending on the relations your colleague has with the rest of the coworkers. It would mean that you valued his companionship and are happy for his new journey. To make it exclusive, you can hand your dear coworker a box of chocolates from our collection of personalised corporate gifts to mark a successful ending of the party.

Add a touch of Personalisation to Your Employees' Retirement Gift
3. Gardening kit

This may sound a tad bit cliché, but gardening is a truly serene and therapeutic experience. It helps a person smoothly transition into a new phase of life. A gardening tool box complete with a guidebook and a couple of basic gardening tools make the ideal retirement gift. A thoughtful such as a gardening kit will help your retiring friend find a reason to rise early.

4. Adventure fund

Every well-earned status in life comes with a little bit of hard work (being subtle about the hard work) and a person only receives the status of a retiree after working on an average for a period of 35 years. Thus, there is no other way but to celebrate it by boarding on a crazy adventure trip. Through setting up an adventure fund, you can help your friend visit a place that he/she longed to visit from a long time. After all, life post-retirement it is not about the time but money, which is a restraint.

5. Books

Books are human’s best friend. Now that your colleague has an abundance of time, gift books that add meaning to his/her life post retirement. This way you can also help him build a library that he cherishes.

These are a few retirement gifts that may be helpful in bringing a smile to your colleague’s face. Therefore, take your pick wisely, something that is unique, thoughtful and leaves a strong impact. After all, personalized retirement gifts are something that ought to make your friend feel good about the new stage of life and usher a breath of freshness.