5 Personalised Wedding Favors That Your Guests will Love

Wedding favours? Are you already imagining an evening of fun, dance and drinks? Yes, you are right and choosing a good wedding favour is something that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

It serves as small keepsake that will remind your guests about the celebrations of your big day. Therefore, before finalising on what you may want to hand out to your guests, it’s important to understand what your guests would love. Thus, to make the selection easier for you, we’ve collated a list of few wedding favours that will be unique and won’t disturb your budget either.

Wedding Favour Ideas with a Touch of Personalisation

1. Personalized chocolate: A box of delicious chocolates that come moulded in desirable shapes and crafted with the goodness of cocoa beans and milk chocolates, presented in some amazing customised packaging makes it one of the ideal wedding favour chocolate boxes. A box of personalised chocolates that reflect the couple’s taste will work as a wonderful surprise for your guests and make for the perfect personalised wedding favours.

2. Scented candles: Since everyone has a soft corner for candles, especially those that come in various fragrances, it’s a sure shot winner among the different wedding favours. Pick a couple of fragrances that you like the most and get them dyed as per the theme of your wedding. For an extra dash of personalisation, add a sticker on the candle with your wedding date and monogram.

3. Indoor plants: If you’re planning on having a wedding amidst the greens, then presenting a sapling as a wedding a favour is a brilliant idea. Also, if you’re a plant lover and would love to have plants in your home and share the same with your invitees, then gift them small plants like bonsais or succulents that doesn’t need excessive maintenance. Add a small generic note for all with the wedding date and your name on it. Taking an eco-friendly approach will help you and your partner garner appreciation from family and friends.

4. Assorted tea: Tea is a soothing beverage and reminds you of warmth and comfort. Compile a box of your favorite assorted teas like rose tea, chamomile, Assam tea, peppermint and Darjeeling tea to set a spirit of warmth and happiness in your guests’ hearts. You can also add a little note expressing why you chose to hand them a box of tea and how it resonates with you and your partner. However, a small note here is that you can go beyond your way to customise the packaging of such wedding favours.

5. A basket of healthy snacks: Taking a healthy route is always a good thing and if you’re a pair who is health conscious, then this is definitely something to share with your guests. Pick items from various categories such as granola bars, crackers, healthy dips and some low-calorie cookies, neatly tuck them in a basket and share it with your guests. Add a small thank you note to acknowledge their presence

Wedding favours are something that should reflect the things that you as a couple enjoy. Such a little gesture of gratitude sometimes go a long way. These gifts will be remembered among your guests for a long time, and you never know, they might also get inspired by your unique wedding favour ideas.


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