5 ways to make long distance raksha bandhan gifts and celebration unforgettable

Growing up, we have survived the endless tantrums and pranks of our siblings. During our childhood, spending each day with them seemed like torture. However, it turns into fond memories that we hold close for a lifetime, especially when one of us move away from each other after turning old. Apart from our banter, we miss a huge Rakhi celebration with our siblings.

Although Raksha Bandhan is meant to celebrate together, we can still spend the day with these long-distance Raksha Bandhan celebration ideas with our siblings:

  1. A walk down the memory lane
  2. Can we forget the golden childhood memories with our siblings? Right from pulling each other’s hair to breaking into a bear hug, our childhood memories are precious. For the sake of those good old days, bring it all back for them this year on Raksha Bandhan.

    Before making that video call on Raksha Bandhan, decorate the whole room with beautiful fairy lights with childhood pictures hung on them. Another way to take the sibling down the memory lane is by preparing a PowerPoint slide packed with childhood pictures, videos, and quotes.

  3. A supply of personalised chocolates
  4. The fights for a box of chocolates between siblings remain evergreen. Haven’t we stolen our sibling’s chocolate or saved an empty wrapper for them? Since many of us deliberately annoyed them during our whole childhood, it’s time to pamper them with love, especially when they live far from us.

    This Raksha Bandhan, end the historic chocolate fight with siblings with a special box of personalised chocolates. Engrave a beautiful picture of them along with a heartwarming message on the top of the box. Let them finish the delightful box of chocolate by themselves without worrying about being stolen or half-eaten.

    Raksha Bandhan Gifts- Personalised Gifts

  5. A surprise jamming session
  6. Raksha Bandhan Gifts- Jamming sessions

    As siblings, we have one specific song that reminds us of us. However, we tend to forget our song while growing up. Don’t let that song die down to ensure that it stays with us for a lifetime.

    This rakhi season, express gratitude with that song on a conference call that takes us back to our childhood. Make them sing and dance along with you and end the beautiful day of Raksha Bandhan with a huge smile on everyone’s face. Play an instrument to turn it into a fun jamming session.

  7. A heartfelt voice message
  8. A long-distance relationship with a sibling is painful, especially when we’ve spent the whole time together with them during childhood. Since they are not physically present, it is difficult to pour our heart out in front of them.

    This year, surprise them with a heartfelt voice message early in the morning to make their day. Tell them they are valued and appreciated every single day, irrespective of the distance. Express all the feelings and hit the send button on Raksha Bandhan.

  9. A gorgeous piece of E-rakhi
  10. With the distance, it is tough to spend the rakhi festival with siblings. Can a few miles stop us from celebrating Raksha Bandhan with our siblings? The introduction of rakhi gifts online has made it easier to spread happiness on Raksha Bandhan. Although there are multiple rakhi gifts online, send an E-rakhi to keep the traditions alive.

    This Raksha Bandhan, pick a gorgeous piece of E-rakhi along with a gift to send to the long-distance siblings. Sending E-rakhi is an excellent way to keep the festivities alive from afar. Place an order for Rakhi gifts online ahead of the festival so that it reaches them on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

    Raksha Bandhan Gifts- Rakhi gifting

    Distance means so little between the siblings that share an unbreakable bond. So don’t let the distance bring a halt to the larger-than-life Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Keep the bond closer and celebrate it with these Raksha Bandhan celebration ideas with the same zeal and enthusiasm irrespective of the distance. This Raksha Bandhan, send Raksha Bandhan gifts and rakhis to keep them smiling throughout the day.