6 Personalised wedding gift ideas for newly married couples in India

A wedding is the most special time for any bride and groom as it’s a new beginning with a lifetime full of togetherness. With weddings come gifts and with gifts comes the opportunity to get endless things to cherish!

But why does everyone think of cookware and home appliances when they hear wedding gifts? To complement and celebrate this beautiful day, you have come up with a special yet unique present for the couple. Hence, here are the six best wedding gifts that you can get the newlyweds for the day!

Best Personalised Gifts for Newly Married Couple:

  1. Customised Wedding Stones
  2. We all love vividly coloured stones or marble pieces to keep as decorations. What if you personalised a pebble stone or a decorative marble tile? You could engrave the couple’s name with their wedding date on the rock or get some designs etched on it. This might be available on an online store, or you could get a local shop to do it. Such personalised wedding gifts will surely warm their hearts with love.

  3. Personalised Box of Chocolate
  4. Sr. No.
    Personalised Gifting Ideas
    1. Warm Wishes Year Round Gift Bag - Large ₹ 800
    2. Personalised I Love You Neon Pack ₹ 650
    3. Personalised All Occasion Gift Pack ₹ 650
    4. Premium Cookies Tin ₹ 550
    5. Silk Personalised Bar ₹ 400

    All relish a delicious pack of chocolate, but as this is a wedding gift, this present needs to have a special touch. From a lavishly designed dessert box to customise made treats, you can go all out for this occasion. You can choose a personalised chocolate box containing the most delightful dessert to leave the best impression. You bet this gift will be the first one they dig into to devour the chocolates!

    Personalised Wedding Chocolate Gift

  5. Customised Wine Box
  6. Personalised Wine box

    Don’t most people treasure vintage wine just like jewellery passed on by their ancestors? Thus, you can get the newlyweds a customised wine box which can have the wedding picture etched on it. If you cannot find a service that can engrave photos, then you can either have a special message or a quote written on it. It is perfect as wedding gifts for men if you want the groom to be in favour of your present. Also, don’t forget to put a good bottle of wine in it as well! This will definitely be on display the next time you visit them.

  7. Personalised Wedding Cake
  8. What is a better surprise than getting a beautiful wedding cake made just for them? Though most weddings do have a cake, no one has to put a limit to the number of cakes that one can have! This will be a pleasant surprise as a wedding gift for friend. From having experts like the SugarStar’s Yolanda on the cake mission to getting a classic multi-layered wedding cake, there are countless options available to personalise it. But do try to peep in at the type of cake the couple is getting to avoid crashing their plan. You are set with the best wedding gifts to rock this occasion!

    Personalised Wedding Cake

  9. Customised Ceramic Wall Hangings
  10. Ceramic wall hangings are such a gorgeous piece of decoration that it even brightens up a bare wall. To make this gift for newly married couple exceptional, you can get their wedding date engraved on the decor piece or have a customised one created especially for them. Do inquire about the bride’s favourite colour, so that your choice isn’t way off the mark! Happy shopping.

  11. Personalised Throw Cushions
  12. Customised Throw Cushions

    Throw cushions are always a safe bet as most people need throw cushions or can make room for more. There are never too many! So why not personalise some throw cushions that can even pose as a showpiece? You can have the quirkiest things sewn on the throw cushion or opt to put some inside joke if it’s a wedding gift for sister or bestie. These can be used in the house, can be in the car for travelling or to make the cranky chair at work more comfortable! You will definitely get their blessing for this present.