Cadbury Christmas Gifting

The weather is chilly, the decorations for Christmas have been unboxed, there’s a cup of hot chocolate waiting to be devoured - The month of December has well arrived, and as the song goes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. What you’re only missing is the pile of presents, the most exciting part! Christmas gifting can be a nightmare if you don’t have a list of Christmas gift ideas planned. It takes a while to weigh out your options and then find what’s best for your loved ones. As most Christmas gift ideas need some thought and consideration, we’ve decided to compile a list of Christmas gifts to give away!

Pamper your faves with a spa set

While another year comes to a close, most people prefer to spend the last few days preparing themselves for what’s to come in the new year. With so much to look forward to, it’s also important to take a breather. In moments like these, who couldn’t use a little pampering?

Make a DIY spa set with scented candles, essential oils, shower gels, soothing teas, face masks & everything else that will help the person relax. You can also pick a list of products that are perfect for winter care to help them unwind & indulge in a self-care routine at the same time. This is the perfect gift for beauty aficionados who rely on these routines to catch a break.

Order custom Christmas chocolates for the choco lovers

Chocolates are such a versatile gift and are universally loved by all. They’re also such a bang for the bucks and offer a variety that suits all kinds of preferences. In fact, they’re also a very common gift item that most people deem fit to give someone. Why not take the safe route and do the same?

Simply get on the Cadbury gifting website and take a peek into the wide variety of Christmas chocolates available – Warm Wishes Silk Bar, Warm Wishes Silk Miniatures, Cadbury Gift Box For All Occasions & more – there are so many options to choose from! This box of Christmas chocolates can be customised with a photograph of your choice and a heartfelt message that will surely make your loved one feel as special as ever. If you still think you can do more, you might as well include some cookies in the mix, and BOOM, your gift is every dessert lover’s dream come true.

Show some love, bake a Christmas plum cake

Finding a good Christmas plum cake recipe online is easier than ever with several food bloggers all over the internet. Find a rich plum cake recipe that will entice your giftee’s tastebuds and bring the essence of the festivities into their plate. If they’re a vegetarian, you can also find an eggless plum cake recipe – so really, stop the excuses and get baking!

Make personalised Christmas gift hampers

This is a special way to make sure your Christmas gift boxes are unique. Whether it’s your premium teas for your Mum, a pair of socks and ties for Dad, or some stationery for your sibling – Christmas gift hampers can include whatever you can possibly think of. Make sure to put something in there that the receiver likes and add a bit of personalised Christmas chocolates for good measure (it’s like the must-have in almost every hamper).

Get personalised Christmas ornaments for a change

Over the recent years, fancy Christmas ornaments have made quite the name for themselves. These decoration items for Christmas may carry a lot of sentimental value, especially when personalised to include the giftee’s name or a photograph. You can always browse online or make your own DIY Christmas decorations with the help of a simple google search. The best part about these Christmas gifts is that they’re reusable (guaranteed to be used once every year).

Shop for the bibliophiles – classics, bestsellers, comics (get them all!)

There’s nothing quite like getting absorbed into the world of fiction. It’s a temporary escape from reality that has its perks. This is why books make for unforgettable Christmas gifts. The certified bibliophile around you will definitely appreciate the thought and will most likely cherish this present for years.

Purchase paintings and wall art for the aesthetic lovers

These are unexpected gifts – different and underrated. When you gift someone a painting, you gift them an experience that is theirs alone and is one-of-a-kind. All you have to do is find something that you know will match the individual’s aesthetic, and you’re good to go. You can also commission a local artist in your area to customise something for the giftee, depending on your budget.

Hopefully, this compilation of ideas will be a helpful guide this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!