Fun Ways and gifts to Celebrate Valentine's with Your Best Friend

Soulmates come and go, but your best friends remain forever. They are essentially the people who stand by you through all heartbreaks and downsides of every relationship. It’s because of them that you survive the traumas of life.

For being such a significant part of your life, they deserve to be celebrated on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. And hey, C’mon. It’s only wise to spend your day with your first and foremost love of your lives, your best friends!

This year, make the day epic with these successful ways of celebrating Valentine’s week with your friends:

  1. Host a movie night
  2. There’s nothing more interesting than a movie night. It’s a brilliant way to bond with each other and know each other’s likes and dislikes even better. So, line up some of the biggest blockbusters for the night, load up some snacks, and have your friends over on Valentine’s Day.

    Valentine day gift for friends-Host a movie night

  3. Volunteer for a cause
  4. Valentine day gift for friends-Volunteer for a cause

    This Valentine’s Day spread love to those in need. Call up the nearest church, local kitchen, or community center to check how you can volunteer on this day. Take your friends along to join the social cause as well. See to it that you make the day count for everyone, including you!

  5. Exchange personalized Valentine’s chocolate gifts
  6. Valentine’s chocolate boxes are one of the best gifts on the day of love. You know why? That’s because it spreads maximum joy, laughter, and happiness. So, spoil the one you love with a Valentine’s Heart Shaped Gift Box loaded with chocolatey surprises designed in the shape of a heart. It’s a perfect Valentine’s gift for your best friends who have a sweet tooth.

    Valentine day gift for friends-Cadbury Gifting

  7. Plan a craft night
  8. Valentine day gift for friends-Plan a craft night

    Craft nights are also a great way to celebrate your Valentine’s evening with your friends. All you have to do is make heart-shaped cards from hardboard papers together and doodle on them with sketch pens or glitter pens.

  9. Throw a dinner party
  10. A dinner party is the perfect Valentine’s bash you could throw for all your single and couple friends. So, pick a theme and watch them come dolled up for a fun night at your house. Don’t be shy to cut short on the guests. It’s okay if you don’t want to have a lot of people over. Keep it small and intimate with your close-knit friends!

    Valentine day gift for friends-Throw a dinner party

  11. Pamper yourself
  12. Valentine day gift for friends-Pamper yourself

    Valentine’s Day is a great time to focus on yourself. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, make time for a little pampering session. Take yourself out to a fancy wellness center and enjoy discounted offers on massage therapies. Remember the day is about you too, not just lovers!

  13. Greetings through social networking
  14. Today, everyone has become tech-savvy. It’s much easier to exchange greetings using mobile devices or social media. So, send out Valentine’s Day e-cards to the ones you love this year if you’re unable to see them personally.

    Valentine day gift for friends-Greetings through social networking

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without gifts. So, shop for these Valentine’s Day gifts mentioned below for your best friends to make their day:

  1. 2-in-1 Chess & Checkers Set
  2. Valentine day gift for friends-2-in-1 Chess & Checkers Set

    The recent Netflix Originals, the Queen’s Gambit has taken the digital world by storm. Not a single person has stopped talking about it ever since the release. Well, if your best friends are going gaga over it too, 2-in-1 chess & checkers set are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for them. The interesting thing about this set is that it also doubles as checkers set!

  3. Luggage Tags
  4. If there’s an ideal Valentine’s gift for your traveler friends, a luggage tag is it for them! End your hunt for the perfect gifts right away and design a custom leather luggage tag for your globetrotters. Emboss their name or initials in fine gold print to give it a classy look and voila! Wait for them to open it.

    Valentine day gift for friends-Luggage Tags

  5. Partners In Crime Phone Case
  6. Valentine day gift for friends-Partners In Crime Phone Case

    It’s a gift for the two of you! Save one for you and your numero uno. This Partner-in-crime phone case is an ode to your friendship. To say the least, it sums up your lifelong relationship permanently!

  7. Cactus Candle
  8. Now your best mate adores plants more than anything, right? Well, we have a perfect something for nature lovers. It’s a quirky cactus candle. It is nothing but an adorable terrarium candle that reveals a surprise after it melts down completely.

    Valentine day gift for friends-Cactus Candle

  9. Reversible Yoga Mat
  10. Valentine day gift for friends-Reversible Yoga Mat

    We all have someone who has traded gym workouts for home workouts. Well, if your best friend is that person in your life, now is a great time to give a reversible yoga mat as Valentine’s Day gift.

  11. You’re My Person Bracelet
  12. Your best friend is your numero uno, right? Well, if that’s the case, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to say it out loud with this one-of-a-kind bracelet. Engraved with the quote, You’re My Person, this bracelet is the ideal Valentine’s gift for a friend who means the world to you.

    Valentine day gift for friends-You’re My Person Bracelet

  13. Custom Name Necklace
  14. Valentine day gift for friends-Custom Name Necklace

    This Valentine’s Day, get them a gold nameplate in a beautiful script. Engrave their name on it and give it to them. Believe us when we say that a custom name necklace works wonders on your best friends. It’s perfect, indeed!

    Whatever you get your gang this V-Day, be sure that they are going to love it no matter what. ‘Cause that’s how much they love you! So, plan a fun Valentine’s Day surprise for him and her, literally all your best friends with these adorable presents. We are sure it’s going to be an amazing Valentine’s week for all of you!