7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's with Your Best Friend

While the entire world is busy finding a match for their respective beloved, there is also a certain section of people who actually celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends.

With some friends you might hand out a card that says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, while with others you might actually go big with a party. Nevertheless, here are some ideas on how to take your celebration on the 14th of February to the next level and inspire you and your friends to create a unique experience.

1. Movie night

There’s nothing more interesting than a movie night. It’s a brilliant way to bond with each other and know each other’s likes and dislikes even better. Save this, movies are great to watch on Valentine’s Day. This is because some of the biggest blockbusters feature around that time coupled with the awards night. With such shows airing up, you may want to invite few of your besties at home, sit back and binge watch some awesome shows. A television, some chips and popcorn and your closest pals can be as much as fun as going out to the theaters.

2. Be of some service to your community

Be of a better cause to society and spread the love to those in need. You can start by calling up to the nearest church, local kitchen soup or community center to check how you can give back. Volunteering is one of the best ways to bond, make new friends and strengthen bonds with those already existing ones. You can also add a twist to the conventional style of celebrating Valentine’s Day by calling over your friends to do well for a local charity.

3. Exchanging gifts

Valentine’s chocolate boxes are one of the best gifts that you can share with a dear friend this season of love. You can specially customize them and get them tailored to the taste of your friends. This will show your friends that you are intuitive about what’s close to their heart and that you care about the things that are precious to them.

4. Craft Night

Craft nights are also a great way to celebrate your Valentine’s evening. You can craft heart-shaped cards made from hard board papers and doodle on them with sketches of your choice to create a truly unforgettable gift.

5. Dinner Party

A dinner party is the perfect Valentine’s bash you could throw to all your single and coupled friends. You can keep a theme and let them get a dish of their choice to get the merriment soaring up in the air.

6. Pamper yourself

A little pampering is must on a day as special as Valentine’s Day. So dedicate this day to pampering and nurturing your soul and body, for no love is as great as self-love.

7. Greetings through social networking

While people may prefer handing out gifts and cards in person, exchanging wishes through social media is also a sweeter way of wishing your closest and best friends. With a variety of Valentine’s Day e-cards, you can now add two extra smiles on the faces of those you care for and love.


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