7 Quirky Ways to Surprise Your Husband/ Boyfriend with Personalised Birthday Gifts

Making someone feel special is a feeling that works both ways, one for whom the surprise is being planned and second, the one who is planning it. And nothing beats the excitement of seeing your husband/ boyfriend in total awe and amazement. It is here that a gift comes as a surprise, especially when it’s something unique and personalised.

When it comes to choosing a gift, you may stumble upon a variety of gift options. With presents ranging from the luxurious category to the simplest and regular ones, it’s always better to come up with surprises that are one-of-a-kind and takes your husband/ boyfriend by surprise. Hence, here are a few personalized birthday gifts for him that will get your creative juices flowing.

1. Dedicate to him a song on the radio: It comes as a gift that he’d never expect. But for a successful execution, it will require a right amount of planning (possibly an hour or two of calling over to a local radio station), and you’ll be surprised to see him blush on hearing his name over the airwaves. Your only task is to ensure that he’s listening to the radio when your song request comes in.

2. Make him the King for a day: Everyone loves feeling special, and to be able to live like a King for a day feels nothing like it. Make him his favourite breakfast, write him poetry, and stick it on his wardrobe or leave a new pair of clothes on the bed. All these gestures will blow his mind.

3. A box of personalised chocolates: Imagine this, you wake up to the goodness of delectable chocolates coupled with a bouquet of roses and a small note wishing him a happy birthday. With a plethora of his favourite chocolates set before him in a personalised birthday gift box, he is sure to burst into a million carefree fireflies.

Add a touch of Personalisation to Your Birthday Gifts for Him

4. Surprise dinner party: Throw him a dinner party when he’s least expecting it and invite his favourite people to join you for the birthday celebration. The guest list could comprise his close colleagues, in-laws, childhood friends, or solely with whom he enjoys having dinner with and love and care for him enough h to celebrate with him.

5. A surprise date night: This one’s cute and will surely spread a smile on his face. You can probably ask him to get a chore done and instead surprise him with a visit carrying two movie tickets for his favourite movie. Whisk him away for an exclusive date night that he may have never imagined.

6. Transform his gratitude list into a keepsake: Considering you know his likes and dislikes blindfolded by now, take the list and turn that into a fantastic DIY gift for him. Get the creative bug out and plan a gift that will blow his mind.

7. Go for an unplanned getaway: Nowadays, this doesn’t require robbing a bank, thankfully! Look for deals from several travel groups or websites till one excites you, both mentally and financially. Such unplanned getaways will send a chill of excitement down the spine.


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