8 Best Chocolate Gifts for any Special Occasion

There’s nothing like a gift of chocolates to make a special occasion truly memorable. Chocolate is that ‘guilty pleasure’ that lifts the mood, provides relaxation, gets rid of stress and gives you the feeling of good times, among many of its emotional benefits. And that is apart from the taste – the smooth silky sweetness is pure ecstasy! No wonder chocolates make the best possible fits for all occasions and are a true expression of the giver’s feelings.

Promising the best chocolate gifts for any occasion is a tall order but at Cadbury Gifting you will not be disappointed. We have you covered for every festival, special occasion and celebration. Not only that! We also offer a personalisation service like no other because we help make the gift of love special with images and special messages, relevant to the occasion you are celebrating. Here are some gift ideas you could explore:

Personalised Warm Wishes Satin Potli

Add excitement to any occasion by gifting your friends this exclusively designed gift bag by Cadbury. The bag has a thick golden drawstring with a knotted end for perfect closure. Customise your gift bag with any five Silk chocolates of your choice and personalise it with a personalised card inside the gift bag.

Personalised Congrats Gift Box


From the smallest to the biggest occasions, there are so many times that your loved ones deserve congratulations. Here’s a gift box for all those times. You can choose an assortment of any ""Dairy Milk and Silk chocolates"" as a gift.


Personalised Thank You Gift Box

There are many occasions that you love to thank friends and family for their caring and for what they do for you or just for being there. Say thank you in style with this well-designed gift box which you can fill with any five Dairy Milk and Silk chocolates of your choice.

Personalised Birthday Gift Box

Perfect for gifting and wishing Happy Birthday to your friends and family, this box can be filled with six of their choicest favourite Dairy Milk and Silk chocolates.

Personalised Anniversary Tin Box


Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, your favourite chocolate in a ""special Anniversary Tin Box"". Surprise your loved ones with smooth and creamy silk chocolates packed in a beautifully designed pack. Perfect for gifting to your loved ones. There is a personalised card inside the box as well as any six chocolates of your choice from the Dairy Milk Silk’s small range along with one artificial rose flower.


Cadbury’s Personalised Love Gift Box

Send your loved ones their favourite chocolates from Cadbury Gifting just to say that you love them. Choose six of the most sumptuous Dairy Milk and Silk chocolates to fill the beautifully designed box with the words ‘I love you’ printed on it.

Cadburys Personalised Surprise Box


The beautifully designed ""Surprise Gift Box"" contains any 12 Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates of your choice with one teddy key ring. Full of some of the creamiest and smoothest chocolates that your family/friends are bound to love, the box is an expression of how much you care for them.


New Year Gift Box and Merry Christmas Potli

As we approach the end of this year, plan on this gift box for your loved ones to ring in the New Year with joy and excitement. It contains any six chocolates of your choice from the available Dairy Milk and Silk range. Wish your family and friends Merry Xmas with this specially created gift pack of any five chocolates of your choice from Dairy Milk Silk’s small range. It’s sure to add extra sweetness to the celebrations.

Apart from this Cadbury Gifting, which beliefs in helping you make every occasion super special has gift packs and hampers specially curated for every festival and celebration.

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