9 fabulous Diwali gifts for friends

Many of you might spend every waking hour with your best friends. Although you might know every little detail about them, they might be the hardest people to shop for. It becomes tricky to choose the perfect gift for them on every special occasion or festival. Nevertheless, you always want them to love your handpicked presents!

With the biggest gifting festival- Diwali approaching sooner, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest goodies for your squad. This list has everything for every type of best friends, from long-distance to the childhood buddy. Let’s deep dive into it:

  1. Icecream maker
  2. Let us all agree that icecreams are everyone’s guilty pleasure. So, take your BFFs by surprise this festive season by gifting them an icecream maker. Trust us, the joy of making ice cream at home is unexplainable. Watch them gush about the homemade icecreams made by them in front of you!!

    Diwali gifts for friend- Ice cream maker

  3. Long-distance touch bracelet
  4. Diwali gifts for friend-Long distance touch bracelet

    Do you have your closest buddies living miles away from you? If that’s the case, sending them Diwali gifts online is the best option. So, gift them a long-distance touch bracelet that mimics your friend’s touch. When you or your friend taps the bracelet, it will automatically light up. This way, you can tell them that you are thinking of them despite the thousands of miles between you.

  5. Bath caddy
  6. A long bath is such a great relaxer. If your BFFs prefer a relaxing bath after an exhausting day, a bath caddy is just for them! It is nothing but an elegant bath tray that comes with spots to hold a wine glass, scented candle, and a book for a soothing bath session. And guess what? It can even transform their tiring workdays into an amazing one.

    Diwali gifts for friend-Bath caddy

  7. Personalised chocolates
  8. Diwali gifts for friend-Personalised Chocolates

    We all agree that chocolates are evergreen gifting options. So, add some sweetness in the life of your squad members with their favourite chocolate box. You can even go ahead and personalise it with a fun quote, message, or a picture and give it as a Diwali gift for your friend. Trust us, they will definitely appreciate your efforts this festive season!

  9. Ring set
  10. Diwali is one of the most loved festivals of all the Indians. Primarily because it gives them a chance to dress up and dorn gorgeous jewels. If your best friends are excited about wearing jewellery pieces on an auspicious day, surprise them with an elegant ring set. This festive season, look for an embellished ring set to make them look pretty from head-to-toe.

    Diwali gifts for friend-Ring Set

  11. Candle-making kit
  12. Diwali gifts for friend-Candle Making kit

    Diwali is a perfect time to let your friends embrace their creative side. This festive occasion, surprise them a candle-making kit for decorating their whole house. Choose a kit that comprises of scents, candle tins, soy wax, wicks, colour chips, and a pitcher. A wholesome candle kit is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for friends who go over the top when it comes to decorating their house on a festive celebration.

  13. Constellation necklace
  14. Isn’t Diwali the perfect time to pamper your best friends? A thousand times, yes. On the auspicious Diwali celebration, spoil your friends with a dainty piece of constellation necklace. Choose the one based on their zodiac sign to leave them in awe of you on this festive occasion.

    Diwali gifts for friend-Constellation necklace

  15. Custom-made face magnet
  16. There are days when you will go without looking at each other’s beautiful face. To make up for it, surprise them with a custom-made face magnet on Diwali celebration this year. It is one of the memorable gifts for Diwali for friends that stay glued to you irrespective of the busy spells in life.

  17. Zodiac incense holder
  18. If you have best friends that love astrology, a zodiac incense holder is for them! It is a sleek incense holder crafted with love and beautiful design. So, seize this opportunity and surprise your astrologer BFF with a zodiac incense holder. You can also pair it up scented incense sticks to keep the spark of the festive season alive.

  19. Book of life hacks
  20. This festive season, give the ‘jugaadu’ of your group a Book of life hacks as a Diwali gift. It is one of the unique Diwali gifts for those friends who are constantly searching for quick hacks to improve their way of living. This little book is loaded with some of the new ideas and tweaks to help them get through whatever they want with ease.

    As we know, gifting is one of the Diwali traditions. Moreover, it is a thoughtful gesture to send love and heartwarming wishes of the festive season to your partner-in-crime. Under this huge list of Diwali gifts for friends, you are bound to find something to bring joy in their life on a festive day. Happy shopping!!

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