A guide to personalising your Valentine's Day gifts

It's the predestined time of the year for you to express your appreciation by giving the one you love a gift. Gifting serves as a way to strengthen bonds between two people. But in order for your Valentine’s Day gift to stand out and have a meaningful backstory, you would need to make a little extra effort when picking out a gift.

This guide provides easy ways to personalise your Valentine’s Day gifts that will surely capture the heart of your partner!

Best Valentine's Day Gift for a music lover: Music Plaque

Music has played a key role in love and relationships throughout history. The idea that a couple can choose "their song" reinforces the concept that music can define a relationship. That's why a personalised music plaque is such a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. Whether you choose your loved one's favourite song or a song that brings back fond memories, these plaques can feature the album cover or a photo of your choice. All you have to do is ask for the song to appear on the plaque as a QR code. With just one scan, they can listen to the song instantly on their phone. You never can go wrong with this gift for someone who appreciates the thought behind the gift.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for her: Star Map

A star map is one of the best ways to commemorate the first time you met or your first kiss. It is an illustrated map that shows how the stars and constellations appeared based on a specific location and date. An incredibly thoughtful way to remember the event, and you can engrave the map with your favourite quotes or significant dates to make it more personal.

To make it even more special, add in a Valentine's Day gift message on it, like:

● The day I found you

● The day our stars aligned

● I found my home in you

● Found my Valentine

The ‘Memorable Chocolate Day Gift’

If your partner has a sweet tooth and particularly loves their chocolates, then this is going to be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for them. Order a personalised Cadbury Silk Neon Box that screams I LOVE YOU, and include their favourites in it. Try to imagine their expression when they see a box with melt-in-your-mouth delicious chocolates that have a memorable picture and a message on it from that trip you took on your anniversary or the first time you met. Accompany it with a gift voucher to their favourite restaurant or a favourite clothing line that they have been raving about for a while. It will truly make them feel cherished!

Dairy milk silk valentine special: A Date Night

A date night will be a thoughtful gift if your partner's love language is quality time. Prepare a nice meal, light candles, and make a playlist of your favourite songs to listen to. It will be a memorable experience. With a keepsake box from Cadbury, you can provide a moment for them to remember. The mouth-watering taste from Oreo Dipped Cookies and Chocolate Baked Cake will surely make them feel content.

In order to speak your partner's love language, you need to ensure that they feel understood, and giving them the gift of your time and undivided attention will be the best gift you could give.

If you are still trying to figure out what could be the perfect gift for your significant other, then try to focus on what your partner might have mentioned, was it a restaurant or something they would like to try with you, like a dance class. The secret to finding a great gift is to pay attention, making them feel seen and heard because it isn’t about the monetary value of a gift but in the symbolism