A Women's Day celebration guide: Women's Day gifts, fun activities & more

International Women's Day is one such day where women are celebrated for everything they do and whoever they are. Of course, there’s more to it than just posting a recycled social media caption while tagging the women in your life. Some women like to spend the day with their other companions and exchange Women's Day gifts. If you’re one of them, these few ideas can really help you plan something fun.

How to celebrate the occasion?

Gather your ladies. The first thing to do is pick a suitable time for all the fun stuff. This year, Women's Day falls on a Tuesday, which might make it harder. So, for everyone’s sake, pick a weekend where the ladies would be more likely to turn up.

Watch your favourite chick-flicks

Make a list of all the famous chick-flicks you and your girls would like to watch and have a movie marathon. With so many streaming sites, it’s almost impossible to find something you don’t like. Stream your favourite movies all day while indulging yourself in snacks and just having a relaxing day in. You can plan all of it in advance, which means you can end this session with a box of chocolates or more from Cadbury! They’ve got so much to offer like the Dark Range, Bournville delight, and Silk Selection. Also, nobody refuses party favours.

Check out a new restaurant together

Ladies that brunch together, stay together. Even if that might not be a famous quote or necessarily true, you just have to remember that it's going to be fun anyway. You can catch up on each other’s lives while checking out a whole new, exciting menu. This is a great bonding exercise if you and your group of ladies don’t meet very often due to busy schedules.

Throw a Women's Day party

Organize a party for the women in your life with lots of food, games & other sorts of entertainment. This is a great way for women to meet other women and socialize. Plus, your circle will end up getting bigger and tighter. Isn’t that a good enough reason?

As for party favours or thank you gifts, you can always check out the Cadbury gifting website for some brilliant choices.

Women's Day gifts for mom, sister, friends & others:

Women's Day gift ideas aren’t hard to come up with when you know your giftee inside out. Regardless, it’s important to give it a little thought so you can pick out unique Women's Day gifts for the special ladies in your life.

Buy matching & personalised jewellery

A gesture like this never goes unnoticed. Every time she looks at your gift, she will be reminded of you. One way to do this is getting morse code bracelets that can be personalised with a message and are a very unique gift idea. You can also look into other types of jewellery like necklaces and rings.

Buy presents from women-owned businesses

It’s always nice to see women supporting women. Look into women-owned businesses on social media or around you. Boost a business by purchasing their services/products and gifting them to the ladies around you. This could be anything from homemade soaps to designer clothing. As long as it is something the giftee likes, you’re good to go. And chances are, you’ll end up boosting someone else’s business with this simple gesture.

Spoil her the classic way with a twist

Women's Day chocolates and bouquets never go out of style but they’re far too common. This is where you get your creative juices flowing and try something you never have before. Why not make a bouquet with her favourite chocolates or candy? Sure, it’s a little more effort than usual but it’s all worth the smile that she’ll give you while she receives it. Make sure to take a quick look at Cadbury’s gifting website to find a plethora of flavours that might be helpful to your little project.

Celebrate International Women's Day with the ladies you appreciate, love, and look up to. May you have a good one!

Happy International Women's Day 2022.