6 Popular Chocolate Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Women on this Women’s Day

We think that one of the best ways to show appreciation for the women who have contributed significantly to your life and to make you the person you are is to spoil them with gifts of luscious gooey chocolate. And what place to buy them from than Cadbury Gifting with its global reputation for some of the most sumptuous chocolates? So here are some exciting Women's Day chocolate gift ideas for you to ponder and buy.

1. Cookies Tin Box

Who can resist a delicious cookie? This trendy Premium Cookies Tin Box consists of Oreo Dipped, Oreo, Choco Bakes, and Choco Bakes cakes. It is an excellent option to pamper the women in your life as well as to spoil the little girls and give them a sweet surprise this Woman’s Day.

2. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Bar Box

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is all about regaling the one you love and admire with chocolate's richness and creaminess. The classic taste of Cadbury chocolates offers you the reason to celebrate every small and big occasion of happiness – and Women’s Day happens to be one such occasion. You can also personalise the box with an image of the lady you’re sending it to as well as a heartfelt vote of thanks.

3. Thank You Gift Box

Perfect for gifting and saying Thank You to your loved ones, especially the women in your life, this assorted gift pack is designed for sheer indulgence. It contains any three chocolates of your choice from the available Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk and four chocolates from the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk and four chocolates from Cadbury Dairy Milk ranges.

4. Satin Potli

This beautifully designed Satin Potli with gold tassels has been created especially to fit into any celebratory mood. It makes the perfect chocolate gift to express your appreciation to the women you look up to on Women’s Day. It contains any five chocolates of your choice from Silk’s small range including Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly, Dairy Milk Silk Fruit & Nut, Dairy Milk Silk Oreo, Dairy Milk Silk Oreo Red Velvet, Dairy Milk Silk Hazelnut, Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond, Dairy Milk Silk Mousse and Dairy Milk Silk Plain Chocolate and Silk Bubbly, Silk Fruit & Nut, Silk Oreo, Silk Oreo Red Velvet, Silk Hazelnut, Silk Roast Almond, Silk Mousse or Silk Plain Chocolate.

5. Chocolate Cake

If you’re feeling creative and can handle yourself in the kitchen, put in the effort to bake a traditional chocolate cake for the most important woman in your life. Recipes are no problem. Just look up YouTube, get all the ingredients together and go for it. Don’t forget to ice it with a special thank you message. Your chocolatey gift is bound to get a lot of return appreciation.

6. Special Chocolate Hamper

Get hold of some round cardboard gift boxes with lids and layer them inside with crushed tissue paper. Stuff the boxes with all the sweet goodies that everyone adores – Gems, Nutties, Oreo cookies, 5-Star bars, Dairy Milk or Silk chocolate, toffee, and eclairs, to name a few. Gift wrap the boxes and present them to the women in your life along with a card that expresses your admiration for them. You are surely going to win some brownie points for this gift!

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