Anniversary celebration Ideas: Something for just the two of you

While most of the celebrations include family, friends and it demands your closest ones to be a part of it, this special day can just be all about you and your better half. Plan it as you wish with a grand get together or a quiet romantic dinner, or even a relaxed holiday to spend quality time with each other. Most importantly, you need to think about how you can make these anniversary celebration ideas unique for your other half?

Gifting has been a tradition over the years when it comes to any happy event. A handwritten message was considered a token of love during simpler times and was cherished dearly for years. The wishes meant more than anything back then. Now, the thrill of gifting and hunting down the perfect gift is the trend. But, you don’t have to stick to those norms. Celebrate romance with some out of the box ideas that will let you bond.

Well, we have listed down some amazing marriage anniversary celebration ideas that will leave your loved one smiling and excited.

Anniversary celebration ideas at home or step out

Comfort foods

Mmm… the food that makes you all warm, fuzzy and lets you relax any time of the day. Be it sweet or savoury, everyone has a dish that melts their heart. List down and plan a week of her favourite comfort food. Get it prepared from her mom, sister, friend or from the restaurant she loves. Whoever be the chef of that recipe, tell them in advance to prepare it and delight her on the special day. While some love savoury, there are many sweet tooths who would turn the world upside down to get a bite of their favourite chocolate.

Everyone has a Cadbury memory while growing up. Biting into the soft, creamy bar and enjoying it the messy way. For those sweet tooths, Cadbury has so many flavours and options to offer. Cadbury Gifting lets you order them in a special way from their site. You can order any Cadbury chocolate and personalise it with a message, photo and even a video. They have a range of chocolate gift box ideas for various occasions. The site also has some Creative chocolate gift ideas too like gift hamper basket ideas, personalised gifting, beautifully designed packaging and mouth-watering flavours. You can order her favourite silk bars, an I Love you neon box filled with sweet treats or the P.S. I love you anniversary gift box. You will not even have to hunt down for some creative gift wrapping ideas as these already have gorgeous packaging.

Tick off the bucket list - As many as you can

We all have a list of things we would like to do. Try something new to wear, eat, travel somewhere or meet someone, the list goes on. But it’s something that is very personal and means a lot to get those things ticked off from your bucket list. Why not do it now? Start thinking of all the things he wanted to do. Ask his bestie, sibling, or parents and list everything you can remember from what he told you. Filter out the ones possible to do within a short timeline or go all the way and plan ahead.

Watching movies, renting and going for a ride on his favourite superbike, eating a special dish at a particular spot, trying something new, or even a makeover is something that can be done in a few days time. If you want to make big gestures, then take him to that destination he always dreamed about. These marriage anniversary celebration ideas will let you spend some amazing quality time together and make some beautiful memories.

There might even be a few things that he might have wanted to do at home like, building a table, wanting to play the guitar or setting up a gaming station. These are the things you can help him with. Order a DIY table for him to make it from scratch. Shop all the things necessary to set up the gaming studio and make space for it in the living room or in the guest room. Book a course for him to learn guitar, keeping in mind his free time. So that covers a few anniversary celebration ideas at home.

Anniversary decoration ideas at home

A fairy lights tent

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? It absolutely will be if you plan it right. Build a small tent at home using bedspreads or curtains. Check out some DIY ideas on how to do it right. If you are short of time or not so confident in building one, you can always grab a readily foldable tent and set it up on the terrace or in the living room. Decorate it with cute buntings, lots and lots of battery operated fairy lights. Place a diffuser with a gentle fragrance inside the tent. Arrange some snacks, desserts and your favourite drink in a basket. You can cushion the seating area with a carpet and lots of pillows. After dinner, surprise your other half with this idea. Cuddle up and enjoy your favourite tunes while you nibble on dessert. You can indulge in a box of Cadbury silk miniatures.

You can also set up something similar and have brunch in the garden or on the terrace. List down the things you might need for this and plan some goodie basket ideas accordingly.

Now, these cozy ideas to spend time with your boo will truly be appreciated. Actions speak louder than words, and all of these anniversary celebration ideas definitely do that.