Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples – Celebrate the journey together

If you are one of the lucky ones who is not spending lockdown time all by yourself but sharing the frustrations with a spouse, then this post is for you! The joys and smiles of being in a relationship like marriage are almost always accompanied by minor annoyances and irritations. But you know this well after years of being together. Especially if it’s your wedding anniversary, then memories and stories of togetherness have surfaced to bring on a million-dollar smile while pushing the annoying ones away. A marriage is engraved with many different moments of good as well as bad, and these all need to be celebrated in all their glory and grime.

So put your best foot forward when looking for ways to make this celebration yet another day to be remembered! You will need some extraordinary ways to spice up this extra special day, and we come to your aid with some suggestions that will floor your soulmate for sure.

Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples who have been together for years

When you put thought into choosing a gift for a loved one, it shows that they are loved and cherished and worthy of your effort and time. So do your homework well in advance to figure out what would make your better half dance with joy on this special day. Let the way you celebrate this day be a statement of your style, be it with homemade anniversary gifts or a pre-ordered goodie gift basket.

But what do you gift someone who has it all? The toughest question is back to haunt you once again this year! There are so many options out there that one is bound to get confused, so let’s go with an item that is truly a synonym for love.

You guessed it! Chocolate is always the answer! Chocolates don’t only connote love; they are “the” aphrodisiac that can get the passions raging. Are you aware that the serotonin in this sweet edible treat can make you happier and elevate your mood? Along with the romantic setting you might arrange for, chocolates will take the romance a notch higher. It has always been rated as one of the best anniversary gifts for couples over generations. Incorporate some last-minute handmade gift ideas or a quirky chocolate gift wrap for this sweet joy and see your beloved beaming with joy.

I Love You Neon Box by Cadbury makes a perfect gift to melt your spouse’s heart. This box of chocolates can be personalised with any image you choose to see printed on it. So, get those old photo albums out and choose the moment you want your spouse to be reminded of. You get to choose six luscious delights from Cadbury’s Silk and Dairy Milk collection to make your own ‘love box.’

But why stop at just six? These years of togetherness may have given birth to many stories and nicknames. Use these to set up a treasure hunt of sorts. Lead your beloved through a trail of clues and single chocolate bars to the final clue that has the I Love You Neon Box waiting in excited anticipation. You could check out a few videos on how to gift wrap a chocolate bar to make them look more appealing or some unique gift-wrapping ideas that can bring out your creativity and add a touch of your own style.

You can furthermore fill this ‘love box’ with small mementoes from your past to spice it up. Rest assured that receiving gifts affirms the language of love and, thus, will bring you closer to the love of your life.

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples still learning the ropes

So, you are celebrating the completion of your very first year of marriage. As they say, the first year is the toughest as you get to know each other’s quirks, likes and dislikes. Today is the time you show your partner gratitude for accompanying you through the ups and downs of this challenging year. Honour your spouse for making this one-year journey the most cherished one with grace and beauty.

It can be quite stressing to plan a perfect 1st wedding anniversary affair as this day may set the tone for many more anniversaries to come. Should you plan a surprise dinner date or lounge at home with your significant other? Should it be a full-fledged party mood or just light-hearted private moments? Loud or mellow? These questions can paralyse you as this is your very first anniversary and you are lost amongst the choices. This day is as special as it gets, and you need to be prepared with the best you can offer. Of course, it’s the thought that counts, but never let that stop you from acting those thoughts out as elegantly as you can. Whatever you decide on ultimately, this day does call for something out of the ordinary. So, let us share our two bits.

  1. -    Anniversary Gift Box Large by Cadbury could be a delicious starting to this joyous occasion. Select three Silk chocolates to go into this classy tin box. Get your love-filled musings printed on the personalised card that goes into this gift box, and Voila! Your love language wins the round! Just get onto their website and skim through their gift ideas for chocolate lovers. We would also suggest you check out some chocolate box gift wrapping ideas to add a small element of surprise.

Call them a snack or dessert, chocolates fit in at any time of day. So, breakfast in bed, is it? End it with this gooey sweetness, and let these treats lead you to your next round of gifts.

No matter what you have planned for the day, this gift hamper is a simple but splendid gesture to lead to grander ones.

Planning on cooking together? Well, don’t forget to incorporate some soul-soothing chocolates into your fare. A search for gift hamper basket ideas can land you with some interesting chocolate-themed ingredients. Rustle up something special with this aphrodisiac to complete the romantic backdrop. Anniversaries come and go, but the first one will always be the most memorable. So, don’t fall short on showering your partner with all the affection they deserve and some more.