Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents: Surprise Them

With so much conflict around us today, we need to be especially grateful for the things which give our world stability – the relationships and institutions that we take for granted. One of the foremost ‘institutions’ that form the backbone of our existence is our parents. No matter where life takes us, we know in the back of our minds that parents’ safety net is always there for us. This year on their anniversary, tell them just how much they mean to you. No matter how busy you are, and in whatever part of the world you happen to be in, take the time out to make their day truly special. Check out our suggestions for anniversary gift ideas for parents, and make this time memorable. Remember, no last minute gift ideas for this one!

Yes, it’s true that as we grow older, the inevitable happens. We move on to our own busy lives, getting lost in the day-to-day, often neglecting to keep up with our parents. As long as they are free from ill health, we feel our duties are done. Pangs of guilt at not talking to them enough or not keeping in touch do surface in most of us, but we quickly tell ourselves how busy we are and that we will make the time for them the next week. The week may turn to two weeks, even a month or more. Let’s change this, starting now. Whether it is gift ideas for Indian parents’ anniversaries or anywhere else in the world, the sentiment remains unchanged.

Chocolate Gift Idea ‘on Loop’

Here’s a unique chocolate gift pack idea: In the run up to their next anniversary, arrange to have personalised chocolate gift packs delivered to them every month – easily done from CadburyGifting. Especially if you live in another city, and they enjoy chocolates (who doesn’t?), this is a great idea, one that delights and builds anticipation for the next gift once they realise the pattern. Just set a reminder on your phone, and on the set date, select a gift from the many choices on CadburyGifting and send it to them each month with a photo of yourself or your family, with a short message of love. They’ll love the sweets, but the gesture even more and will be delighted to share the goodies with their friends and family who may be living with them. A chocolate gift idea to beat all else!

Chocolate Gift Pack Ideas – Upgraded!

Best of all would be to surprise them by travelling to meet them. Of course, you must carry their favourite gifts, but here is a chocolate gift box idea to add to your gifts: Order in two Cadbury Neon gift packs of Silk chocolate bars for your mother and father in advance. Gift them their favourite chocolates along with the rest of the gifts. Personalise the packs with their photos and names on the pack.

The joy of having children visit is unparalleled for parents. Once you are in your childhood home with them, put away your phone and give them your undivided attention, even if it be for a day. Reminisce about old times over relaxed cups of coffee and chocolates. Your mother may also enjoy sharing the chocolates with her help’s family. So the sweetness is spread even further.

‘Mom Dad’ Anniversary Gift Ideas To Bowl Them Over

If you live with your parents, surprise them by taking the day off from work to be around them, chatting, sharing meals and engaging in activities they enjoy. Maybe you could offer to visit a temple with them, if the situation allows, and seek divine blessings on the special day; play a round of chess with your Dad; help Mom make pakodas in the evening; join them in their evening walk… basically, just be around and let the day flow in easy togetherness.

A beautiful anniversary gift idea for parents is to make a collage of carefully selected family photos from down the years, maybe from their wedding day onwards – the time when their lives came together in a forever bond. If there are young children in the house, enlist their help in creating a large collage with dates and fun comments, and present it to them on the morning of their anniversary.

Pepper the day with small gifts. Personalised Silk bars of chocolate for both of them with their photos and your messages for them; fresh flowers that you know your mom loves; a set of statement tees your father likes to flaunt; a home-made anniversary cake; a video call with all your siblings, cousins and favourite relatives. If it’s a gift that needs to be wrapped, look up interesting gift wrapping ideas and go the extra mile in making your gift look truly special. You may want to end the day by joining them in watching a classic film you enjoyed seeing together as a child.

25th anniversary gift ideas for parents

We believe that investing time and effort in deciding wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents is all important. And if they have spent 25 years together – through life’s inevitable highs and lows – it is imperative you do something truly grand to mark the occasion. Here’s a suggestion: Plan and coordinate to have all your outstation siblings and your parents’ favourite relatives travel into the city for the day. Arrange for them to stay elsewhere, and arrive at your parents’ house all together at a pre-fixed time on the day of the anniversary. Imagine your parents’ surprise when the doorbell is answered and in troops the ‘gang’ - all their favourite people!

Give them a hint of what’s coming - the anticipation always makes the surprise more exciting - with a box of their favourite Silk chocolates, personalised with both their names and photos and a mysterious message which can go something like this: ‘What could be sweeter than silver for the 25th? Wait to find out.’

No 25th anniversary gift idea for parents could be better!