Are you ready for the 7 days of Valentine Week?

Yes, yes, we know it’s not really a piece of cake when it comes to organising your 7 days of Valentine’s Week. The truckload of expectations, planning, perfecting and mostly, just brainstorming the best of ideas to woo your love interest is sometimes (read ‘every time’) an overwhelming process. But as always, the result is worth the effort.

Today, we bring you a bird’s eye view of the 7 days of Valentine Week and their significance. (Each day will be detailed with more gifting ideas in the following blogs)

The ‘why’ behind 7 days of Valentine

Do we need a reason to celebrate love? It depends. Some lovers find solace in sharing intimate moments whenever they please without making it a spectacle. However, that’s just one side of the story. Millions of people (including us *wink*) love big, bold gestures of love – the grander, the better! And the 7 days of Valentine are celebrated just to do that.

A bond of true love will remain stronger regardless, but there is nothing wrong in going big for the one and only to remind them how much you appreciate their presence in your life. And with that, we bring you the first day in Valentine Week days…

Rose Day – February 7th

What better way to kick start the celebration of love than giving a beautiful rose to the person who occupies your heart day and night? But here’s what we know about Rose Day: roses come in different colours, and they all carry their unique significance during this time. Red roses for lovers, yellow for friends, pink for someone more than a friend but not exactly a lover yet (maybe giving them one would do the trick? Try it out!). So, pick your choice. And for the ones looking to impress their partners, a bouquet of red roses is all you need to set the tone for the day.

Or, if you want to make it sweeter, try gifting Cadbury’s I Love You Tin Box, where you can pick any 6 of your favourite Silk chocolates from a variety of flavours. It comes with a beautiful faux rose, and an ‘I Love You’ photo card, where you can get their image printed below the text.

Propose Day – February 8th

Propose Day could be a day filled with butterflies for novice lovers out there! Prepping up to declare one’s love for another can bring ambivalent feelings of doubt and hope. But the bold lovers march along anyway! A handwritten letter (scented perfectly) describing the various emotions that the person in question evokes in them seems to us the perfect way to declare one’s intentions.

But yes, there are more fun ways to do this! For instance, curate a Spotify playlist using the songs they love and send them to them along with a heartfelt note. Or you can plan a ride to a beach or a museum – whichever spot you think can work wonders – and express your feelings directly.

Chocolate Day – February 9th

A day that’s as sweet as the chocolates involved. For Chocolate Day, lovers bombard each other with hampers of chocolates. With CadburyGifting, this gesture becomes even more easier to execute. How? With our personalised hampers, of course! From I Love You Neon Box to I Love You Tin Box, our personalised hampers allow you to curate a stunning collection of Silk chocolate bars from an array of flavours.

What’s more? On I Love You Neon Box, you can get their picture printed and even customise the text “I Love You” to include something special to you.

Teddy Day – February 10th

On Teddy Day, lovers gift each other fluffy plush toys, ideally Teddy Bears. The idea behind this gesture is to gift your lover a Teddy Bear to hug when you are not with them. Quite cheesy but yields amazing results. Give it a try! (Pro tip: Get the biggest Teddy Bear in the store!)

Promise Day – February 11th

This day focuses on the effort one puts into a relationship. The love birds make promises to strengthen their relationship and, in doing so, grow together as a couple. Promise Day also allows them to assess where they are currently, in which direction they want to be headed, and how they will support each other throughout this journey. In short, this day is revelatory to both parties involved.

Hug Day – February 12th

Ah, there is nothing a warm embrace couldn’t fix. In fact, it is scientifically proven that hugging someone for more than 20 seconds release the feel-good hormones in the body. And what better day to do just that! Hug Day gets all lovers mushy with feelings of closeness, and also, hugs ease one into a secure state of mind.

Kiss Day – February 13th

Kiss day is all about getting intimate with your significant other. A kiss seals the love you share with one other and opens you up to a new world of understanding each other on a deeper level.

Valentine’s Day – February 14th

The Day – Valentine’s Day! A culmination of all the days that went before yet filled with new possibilities. On Valentine’s Day, people go to unbelievable lengths to show how much they love their partners. Some may go for a wholesome candlelight dinner with excellent food and great music in the background at home, but on the other hand, some lovers opt for a private jet ride to one of their favourite countries to have a romantic dinner… When it comes to Valentine’s Day, nothing is off the charts. Lovers go above and beyond to make sure they please their beloved.

Now that you know what Valentine Week days are all about get started on your plans. And for all your gifting needs, you know where to find us! We will be waiting.