Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Father

With Father’s Day just around the corner, many must be planning ways to celebrate this special occasion along with some who must be clueless about what to do.

Right from personalising a gift to throwing a party, there are several ways of appreciating your dad and all those years of raising you to be decent! Now, dads don’t say much but who doesn’t love an entire day of pampering? So before you settle with a mug or a shirt as a gift, here are the best Father’s Day gift ideas for dad that you can utilize and make him feel loved.

  1. Plan a Picnic For Dad
  2. If your dad likes going out and indulging in some fun activities, then a picnic is it for him. But do not break it to him until the morning of Father’s Day. Keep it as a surprise and take him to the picnic spot without letting on about the trip. After arriving, he will realise that it is a surprise for Father’s Day, which will be the most endearing moment to him. You can also loop in your family for the activity and ask them to come there separately so as to contain the secret. The picnic location could be a resort if your dad loves swimming or a hiking trail or real picnic complete with the picnic basket. Such a planned trip, especially for the occasion, will make this day!

    Father’s Day Picnic with Dad
    Father’s Day Gift Idea Favour Booklet

  3. Gift a Favour Booklet
  4. We all love pulling in favours, right? So, create a favour booklet with coupons for massage, help, hugs, undisturbed nap, etc. To make it exciting, add a time limit like help for one hour. Dads are always busy even on the weekends where they are running some or the other errand. Thus, by gifting him a favour booklet, you can relieve him of any work or at least lend him a hand. This will be the best gift for father on Father’s day, so create as many coupons as you can and ask your dad to make good use of them.

  5. Throw a Party At Home
  6. No one can deny a party as it is fun to munch on some party snacks and drink punch. But as this is about dad, make it extra special by rolling in his favourite snacks, appetisers and drinks. You could also play his playlist for a change and make him feel like the birthday boy. But no party is complete without games! So arrange games that require large participation and get everyone to play it. Just to dedicate this day to your dad, you can borrow the recipe of no-bake Oreo Cheesecake and whip up a yummy dessert. You bet this day will be most memorable of all with peals of laughter shared with loved ones.

    Father’s Day Party Ideas
    Personalsied Gift Ideas with chocolates

  7. Give Personalised Father’s Day Gifts
  8. Personalised gifts always steal the spotlight when it comes to presents. You can, too, plan a Personalised Father's Day gift for your dad. Gift a box of chocolate for your dad containing some of the most delicious treats. An entire box of chocolates will be a feast for his sweet tooth and shall turn out to be the best Father’s Day gift!

  9. Write Him a Special Letter
  10. Words written on a paper hit differently than when you say it. You must have appreciated your dad countless times by saying it, but he probably won’t remember it. When you put the words down, it becomes more known and is remembered because he read it. So pour your heart out for your dad and pen him a letter.

    Father’s Day Gift Letter
    Father’s Day Gift Homemade Food

  11. Cook Food For Him
  12. It is said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not make most of it. Win your dad’s heart and cook some of his beloved dishes. You can try to get as close to the original recipe as possible, the effort itself will be enough for your dad regardless of how the food is cooked. So go on and find out the easiest dish to cook!

  13. Get Some Quotes Framed
  14. Now, if your dad’s bedroom walls or bedside table is bare, get some inspiring quotes framed and put it there. You could also frame some of his favourite quotes that motivate him instead of something random. But make sure to make it colourful and creative as it's a present!

    Father’s Day Quotes Image
    Father’s Day Celebration

  15. Dedicate an Entire Day to Him
  16. We all have memories of playing video games with our dad, screaming at the TV while watching a cricket match or accompanying him for an errand. So why not do it again? Ask him for a go at a video game or help him while doing a chore! This will surely bring a smile on his face.

    Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day! May you succeed in making your dad’s day extra special for him.


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