Best New Year Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

Some of your closest people can be the hardest to shop for. And your boyfriend is one of the many! It’s quite easy to feel clueless as to understand what present will actually excite him. Well, the good news is there are tons of genius gifts to impress your boyfriend this Holiday season.

To make the hunt for the perfect New Year’s gift simpler for you this year, we’ve curated a list of some of the best presents for the love of your life. Come, let’s dive deep into the below list:

  1. The Weekender
  2. Men love practical purchases, don’t they? So, surprise your man with the ultimate travel bag- the weekender- ideal for staycations- the perfect travel companion. Look for a solid-coloured travel bag with an adjustable strap and a separate shoe compartment. It is the smartest travel accessory that your man can own!

    New Year gift ideas for boyfriend– The Weekender

  3. Mini Basketball Hoop
  4. New Year gift ideas for boyfriend- Mini Basketball Hoop

    Let him play anywhere in the house. It is one of the excellent stay-at-home activities for your boyfriend. The quick assembly and easy mounting of a mini basketball hoop will let him perfect the three-pointers or free throws at the comfort of sitting at home. That way, he’ll always be ready for some basketball action!

  5. State Bottle Opener
  6. This New Year’s, let your man crack open his favourite drink with a state bottle opener. These openers will help him celebrate his favourite state every time he takes it out to open a refreshing drink. The touch of a geographic appeal makes the bottle opener a unique New Year’s present for your boyfriend.

    New Year gift ideas for boyfriend- State Bottle Opener

  7. Personalised Chocolates
  8. New Year gift ideas for boyfriend

    As we know, you should begin every new beginning with something sweet. So, this year, celebrate New Year’s with your man with a personalised box of chocolates. It is the perfect New Year’s gift to kickstart the holiday season as it never fails to spread joy and happiness.

  9. Oakwood Engraved Watch
  10. This year, place your safest bet on an oakwood engraved watch to take your favourite man by surprise. It is one of the unique New Year’s gifts for a boyfriend who loves a pair of smart accessories. So, engrave the back of the watch with a cute message to make his day on the New Year’s Eve.

    New Year gift ideas for boyfriend- Oakwood Engraved Watch

  11. Smoothie Maker
  12. New Year gift ideas for boyfriend- Smoothie Maker

    Raise your hands if he cannot get enough of his smoothies. Ugh! If he prefers his on-the-go smoothies, a smoothie maker makes an ideal New Year gift for your boyfriend. Surprise him with a smoothie maker this year and wait for his reaction.

  13. Amazon Fire Stick
  14. Perfect to suit his entertainment needs. He can utilise an Amazon Fire Stick for streaming his favourite shows and music videos with you over the weekends. So, purchase an Amazon Fire Stick today for him!

  15. Winter Jacket
  16. Winter is here! It’s time to take out the warmest of the warmest clothes to stay cosy indoors. But, if your boyfriend doesn’t have his woollens handy this season, grab the opportunity and gift him an uber-cool winter jacket. Trust us, there’s nothing better than wearing a fuzzy winter jacket on a cold morning.

    New Year gift ideas for boyfriend- Winter Jacket

  17. Custom Vinyl Record Print
  18. New Year gift ideas for boyfriend-Custom Vinyl Record Print

    Your love story might be the most beautiful melody for him. Well, Christmas is a great time to turn the soundtrack of his life into a memorable print. All you have to do is choose a song, whether it is from your wedding or the first date, choose a record colour, add a heartwarming message and send it to your boyfriend.

  19. Customised Guitar Pick
  20. What do you purchase for the man that plays the guitar? Well, a customised guitar pick is exactly what he needs. Customise the guitar pick with a personal message for your man and gift it to him. Believe us it is the best you can do for your musician boyfriend.

    New Year gift ideas for boyfriend- Customised Guitar Pick

  21. French Press
  22. New Year gift ideas for boyfriend-French Press

    Does your man love his early morning cup of brew? Well, if that’s the case we have the perfect New Year’s gift for your coffee connoisseur. It’s a Fresh Press- no other coffee-brewing method works wonders than a french press- it is smooth, rich and indulgent. Oh, and also very very french! ;)

    With the above-mentioned best New Year gift ideas for your boyfriend, your chase to the stores will be less hassle-free this year. These gifts will surely make his day and win his heart once again. Get ready to watch his million-dollar smile coming all the way after opening the gifts. Happy New Year, guys!