Best New Year Gifts for Your Colleagues

It is no secret that most of your adulthood is spent around your colleagues. However, the on-going scenario has put a brake on the banter that you had with them regularly at work. Despite being unable to see them every day, you can still show your love by sending gifts to them on New Year’s.

This year, express your love and adulation by sending these perfect New Year gifts to your colleagues:

  1. Screen Cleaner and Microfibre Cloth
  2. As you all will agree, mobiles and laptops are everyone’s companion everywhere, be it at work, staycation or a tour. So, a screen cleaner and a microfibre cloth is an ideal solution for the people who cannot survive without their cellular devices and desktops. In fact, it is a great New Year’s gifts for colleagues this year to remind them to keep their gadgets clean at all times!

    New year Gifts For Your Colleagues-Screen Cleaner And Microfibre Cloth

  3. Moody Cards
  4. New year Gifts For Your Colleagues-Moody Cards

    When they are at work, their mood can literally go from 0-100. For all those days when your colleagues don’t feel like expressing themselves, these moody cards are a great help! So, pick a fun set of these cards as a New Year’s gift for your co-workers and wait to see their reaction.

  5. Personalised Chocolates
  6. The dessert lover of your team will rejoice upon receiving a premium personalised box filled with chocolatey surprises. So, pick their favourite chocolates and add a heartfelt message about how much they mean to you on the sleeve of the box.

    New year Gifts For Your Colleagues

  7. Desk Humidifier
  8. New year Gifts For Your Colleague-Desk Humidifier

    This New Year’s, let your colleagues perk up the dull work station with an adorable desk humidifier. So, pick a mini humidifier for your co-workers that stands out from the rest of their office decor but also combats dust and stuffy air at the same time at work. Now, that’s a utility New Year’s present right there, ladies and gentlemen!

  9. Workday Wellness Pack
  10. Your colleagues will love having essential items handy that they’ll need to stay well and feel better. So, curate a workday wellness pack that consists of face mask, reusable water bottle, coaster, and so forth. Trust us, it is an excellent gift box to send to your co-workers on New Year’s eve.

    New year Gifts For Your Colleagues-Workday Wellness Pack

  11. Chocolate Chip Mouse Pad
  12. New year Gifts For Your Colleagues-Chocolate Chip Mouse Pad

    It is no secret that every office has a cookie monster- the one who bakes it for others but eats it all by themselves. Yes, we are talking about that one. So, take the die-hard cookie lover by surprise by gifting this cutest mouse pad. It is a chocolate chip mouse pad that resembles the love of their life- cookies!

  13. Custom Fruit Infuser Bottle
  14. Your favourite co-worker will enjoy staying hydrated with a fruity addition. With a custom fruit infuser bottle, they can add frozen or fresh fruit and enjoy a refreshing drink throughout the day. To be honest, it is one of the best corporate New year gifts to remind everyone to stay hydrated with a twist.

    New year Gifts For Your Colleague-Custom Fruit Infuser Bottle

  15. ‘Joy at Work’ by Marie Kondo
  16. New year Gifts For Your Colleague-‘Joy at Work’ by Marie Kondo

    The challenging times have been extremely important to find joy at work. In fact, it has become the need of the hour. So, surprise your favourite co-worker with this book- ‘Joy at Work’ by Marie Kondo- a perfect guide to overcome the difficulties of work mess- and enjoy the productivity to the max.

  17. Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses
  18. Especially one of the perfect New Year gifts for those colleagues who heavily rely on their screens to make a living. These chic pair of sunglasses will let them protect their eyes in style from the glaring blue rays. So, customise these glasses based on their personal taste and magnification.

    New year Gifts For Your Colleague- Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses

  19. Mini Desktop Vacuum
  20. New year Gifts For Your Colleagues-Mini Desktop Vacuum

    Great News! Now, it’s possible to keep the desktop neat and tidy with a mini vacuum. Get your colleagues a cute little desktop vacuum to stay clean at all times. In fact, it is a solid solution to avoid food or beverage spills at work. Quite interesting, right?

    Coming up with New year’s gifts for colleagues is especially difficult now. But with our legwork on New year’s presents, it will only make things a lot simpler for you. So, pick the best one for them based on their personality. Watch them rejoice at the sight of it!