Top 12 Unique Rakhi Gifts for Brother

The bond with our siblings is precious. We often hear about bonds between brothers and sister. The relationship that we share with our siblings plays a pivotal role in shaping our lives.

Since our brothers have been our ride or die ever since our childhood, we like surprising him with gifts once in a while. It’s easy to feel perplexed when it comes to gifting him on a special occasion, such as Raksha Bandhan. The rakhi gift that we give our brother strengthens our relationship with him. So here are a few exceptional and unique Rakhi gifts for a brother this season:

Unique Rakhi Gifts for Brother:

  1. Personalised chocolate box
  2. Personalised gifts are valued by every man. Ordinary gifts might be forgotten, but a personalised gift stays with him forever. So buy a personalised rakhi gift for brother this Raksha Bandhan. Purchase a chocolate gift box with an image of him and a special message on the top to surprise him.

    Unique rakhi gifts for brother Personalised Chocolate box

  3. Personalised musical instruments
  4. Unique rakhi gifts for brother Ukelele

    Buy musical instruments, such as a guitar, ukulele, drums, etc. as a rakhi gift for a brother and watch him impress the love of his life. Additionally, add a personal touch by getting it personalised with his initials on the top of the instrument just for him. Enroll him to guitar classes to help him learn the key chords as well.

  5. Laptop sleeve & skins
  6. Laptop sleeves and skins are one of the coolest rakhi gifts for brother. Buy him an uber-cool laptop sleeve or a handmade laptop skin to amp up the regular look of his whole laptop. Watch him take his stylish looking laptop to college/work every day with pride.

  7. Wireless charger pack
  8. A battery pack is the most useful rakhi gift for a brother. If he travels often, he will require it every time he is out and about. A battery pack will help him to charge his mobile phone whenever his phone is to the last 1%.

    Unique rakhi gifts for brother Battery Pack

  9. Personalised Sketches
  10. Unique rakhi gifts for brother Personalised sketch

    Haven’t we all doodled our brother’s face on a piece of paper when we were young? Use this opportunity to gift him a personalised sketch to remind him how much he matters to you. Sketch a favourite football character of his choice and watch his face light up looking at it.

  11. Portable projector
  12. As kids, our movie nights with our brother would turn into a disaster since we would never settle on one movie. So buy him a portable projector this Raksha Bandha season to let him watch all the movies he always wanted to watch as a kid. It is a unique rakhi gift for a brother who loves binge-watching every weekend.

    Unique rakhi gifts for brother Portable Projector

  13. AirPod Case with a cleaning kit
  14. Unique rakhi gifts for brother Airpods Case

    AirPods are the newest launch items that have captured the Indian market. Due to its mass popularly, our brothers might also own a pair of AirPods. So buy him good quality Airpod case along with a cleaning kit since it the most popular rakhi gift idea for a brother this season to take his technology game a notch higher.

  15. Engraved pen
  16. An engraved pen is a unique rakhi gift for a brother. Buying a pen that is personalised just for him can feel like the rite of passage. Since it is custom made, it is unique in itself that a brother can hold on to for a long time as well as sign all essential paperwork with it in his hand.

    Unique rakhi gifts for brother Engraved Pen

  17. Electronics organizer
  18. Owning multiple gadgets comes with a price. If any of the chords of even one gadget loses, we get a mini heart attack. To save him some trouble, buy him an electronic organizer so he stacks all his chords, power bank, USB cables, charges in a single place.

  19. Gym equipment
  20. Unique rakhi gifts for brother Gym Equipment

    Don’t our brothers usually skip the gym class due to their hectic schedule? No matter how hard he tries to make time for it, he might unintentionally end up missing his training at the gym. So invest in dumbbells, sports bag, fitness band, etc. and watch him follow his workout routine at home without having to hit the gym.

  21. Golden playing cards
  22. Aren’t our brothers the card masters? Since they ace every game of cards like a pro, buy them a pack of cards this rakhi season. However, opt-out of the regular card pack. Purchase golden playing cards and wait to look at his reaction on opening the gift.

  23. Concert tickets
  24. Move over from the regular movie or game tickets. Buy him a ticket to his favourite rock band and look at him squeal with delight.

    Unique rakhi gifts for brother Concert Tickets

    Looking for rakhi gift ideas for a brother can be challenging. However, buying the above-mentioned unique rakhi gifts for a brother will ensure he is bound to love whatever is gifted. With these gifts, make him realize on this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan how much he is loved.


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