The Best Rakhi Celebration Ideas You Need To Give The Festival A Unique Spin

India truly is a land of festivals, and come August; one cannot miss the excitement in the air with Rakshabandhan just around the corner. Given the significance of the festival and the many stories behind why Rakhi is celebrated, it is no surprise that the day is marked by togetherness, with siblings reaching out to spend that much-needed time together. For the past year and more, travel—especially if not essential—has been a grey area and continues to be so. Keeping that in mind, we rounded up a few rakhi celebration ideas that will work excellently even if you will not be visiting your sibling this year. Scroll right ahead and take a look.

Make It A Cadbury Celebrations Rakhi

Let us begin by saying that celebrations aren’t complete without the goodness of sweets. And what could fit the bill better for a joyous occasion if not chocolates! Cadbury gifting offers a wide variety of gifting options for those looking for the ideal Cadbury celebrations Rakhi present for their sister, brother or just about any friend or family member. Think personalised gift boxes where you can pick from a choice of delicious chocolates, special hampers for Rakhi and potli gift bags that are bound to steal the show, to name a few. Not only do you end up giving the perfect gift, but you also get to delve into the goodness of delicious chocolate. With that sentiment in mind, we put together some fun ideas that will answer the ‘how do we celebrate Rakhi’ question. The bonus? They all include your favourite Cadbury twist in some way or the other, making it a chocolaty affair. Continue to scroll and take a look at the Rakhi celebration ideas at home.

Arrange The Decor

Whether you are together at home or spending the festival at entirely different locations, the idea works both ways. In the latter case, don’t forget that your sibling is only a video call away! Get into the festive mood and make it a Rakshabandhan to remember by sprucing the place up, together physically or virtually. While you are at it, don’t forget to place a box of goodies on the centre table to round it all up perfectly. We recommend reaching out for the Cadbury Silk Miniatures - Personalized Pack or the Cadbury Rakhi Premium Gift Bag with Satin Potli - Personalized Pack (Create Your Own Mix), both stellar options with an array of chocolates to keep you busy!

Plan A Chocolate-Themed Soiree

You aren’t alone if it feels like ages have gone by since your last big get-together. And that’s where one of our Rakhi celebration ideas comes in. Keeping safety amid COVID-19 in mind, it would be wise to plan a bash for your immediate family or the flatmates you are staying with. But then there’s the next step! Ring in the friends, fam and siblings who are away and have a virtual party like never before. We suggest adding a theme and informing attendees in advance to keep it fun, and let’s just say it, could anything top a chocolate-themed party? We are going with no! Make your Cadbury celebrations Rakhi one to be reminisced about for days ahead.

Play Your Favourite Board Games

In addition to the last idea, go on to introduce card or board games to the mix. Many gaming apps allow users to connect from different locations across the world, so you know exactly what’s to be done. Pick any favourite game and make it a gala event, with the final winner getting an exciting prize. In continuation to your Cadbury celebrations Rakhi, make the award an enticing one. Opt for the Cadbury Gift Basket with Jute Potli, which includes a plethora of sumptuous offerings, ranging from everyone’s favourite Dairy Milk Silk Fruit & Nut to the delectable Oreo. Could it get any better than this?

Have A Grand Meal Together

We arrive at one of our following rakhi celebration ideas at home. Nothing beats the fun and merriment of sharing a meal, especially if it’s on a festive occasion. Whether together in the same place or joined virtually through technology, make the most out of a shared experience that involves a delicious spread. End it with a bang by digging into dessert, courtesy of the Cadbury Rakhi Gift Box - Personalized Pack (Create Your Own Mix).

The answer to ‘why we celebrate rakhi’ goes beyond simply following traditions. For many of us, it’s the occasion which guarantees togetherness with our siblings, our favourite people in the world. Make the most out of rakhi celebration ideas that allow you to be together with your sibling in this uncertain time. Spending time in the same city? We have some celebration ideas to help you kick off the Rakhi festivities in style. Read on for more.

A Picnic In The House

How do we celebrate Rakhi this year, you ask? With a picnic spread. Yes, you read that right! Take time off and spend it with your sibling in your favourite corner of the house. Don’t forget to bring out all your preferred snacks as you catch up on all the things you have missed out on.

Make It A Movie Marathon

Make the bed your place to set camp for the day and make it a Cadbury celebrations Rakhi! Select what anthology of series you want to binge-watch with your sibling, and, of course, keep your snacks and bar of chocolates right nearby. We doubt there could be a better and more memorable way to celebrate Rakhi at home in 2021.

Exchange Those Gifts

Answers to ‘why rakhi is celebrated’ may differ, but they all underscore a common point—exchanging gifts because what would be a celebration without sharing those presents you selected! From personalised options that linger in their memory for a long time to new-age ideas, think of a fun mix of their favourite things. Nothing is out of reach. With Cadbury gifting, you can get creative and add a personal note along with the best picture of your sibling, giving them the best of surprises this Rakhi.

Ready to try out one or more of these Rakhi celebration ideas to make your Rakshabandhan special?