Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband

It’s almost time. It’s going to be Valentine’s Day soon. That time of the year to shower your husband with lots of love and gifts. While gift-giving is a part of the special occasion, there’s something you should know.

Well, we hate to break it to you but finding the right Valentine’s Day gift for him can get a tad daunting at times. But, the good news is there’s always a solution to this! All you have to do is get creative by planning an epic Valentine’s Day surprise for your husband filled with gifts based on his taste.

Let’s take a peek into the various gift ideas that you can give your husband this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Personalised Box of Chocolates
  2. Personalised chocolates are usually the ideal gift option to win the heart of your near and dear ones. So, get a personalised Valentine’s chocolate box with the image and name of your husband. Go for a Dairy Milk Silk & Oreo Special Valentine’s Gift Edition Pack to win his heart. It is indeed the best Valentine’s gift for your husband who has a sweet tooth.

    Dairy Milk Silk & Oreo Special Valentine’s Gift Edition Pack – Price Rs. 750

    Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband- Cadbury Gifting Personalized Chocolate box

  3. Personalised Keyring
  4. Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Personalised Keyring

    If you wish to remain close to him all the time, a personalised keyring makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. Get the keyring customised in a heart shape and carve his initials on it. This symbolic gift of love is a great gifting option.

  5. Personalised Phone Case
  6. What is better than a personalised phone case for him? Perhaps, it’s the best! Print a beautiful picture of the two of you and give it to your man. It’ll remind him of you everytime he holds the phone!

    Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Personalised Phone Case

  7. Breakfast in Bed
  8. Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Breakfast in Bed

    It is rightly said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Take this to your advantage and make your main man his favorite breakfast. Serve it to him in bed and wait for his reaction. Oh, the feeling of content on his face will be unexplainable!

  9. Personalised Pen
  10. If your husband is a workaholic, a personalised gift is hands down the best present on Valentine’s Day. Engrave his initials or full name on the pen to turn it into a keepsake. That way, each time, he pins it on his shirt pocket or tucks it between the pages of a notepad, it’ll remind him of you!

    Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Personalised Pen

  11. Hookey Ring Toss Game
  12. This outdoor game is the perfect solution for his stayover with the gang. He can even hang it indoors on the wall in case he is staying in with the boys. So, give a hookey ring toss game to your man and watch his night turn into an overnight success.

  13. Polo Shirt
  14. Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Polo Shirt

    A polo shirt is a staple clothing piece in every man’s closet. In case, your husband doesn’t have one yet, now is a good time to give him a polo shirt. This V-Day, pick a solid-colored shirt for him based on his personality that will elevate his look.

  15. Adidas Slides
  16. These classic pair of men sliders from Adidas are both, functional and fashionable. And guess what? It will also bring out his easy-going hipness that never goes out of style. So, give your husband these super-comfy slides and watch him slip easily into them in no seconds. That way, he can throw it on wherever he goes, be it when going to the park with the kids or for a quick grocery run.

    Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Adidas Slides

  17. Smoothie Subscription
  18. Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Smoothie Subscription

    We are sure your husband has a busy life. Due to his rigorous schedule, he might be unable to keep a track of his meals. Be his saviour and remind your man to stay healthy and fit with a smoothie subscription. With a smoothie subscription, he can indulge in a delicious gourmet meal despite his breakneck pace.

  19. Mini Projector
  20. With a mini projector, watch him turn any blank canvas into a movie screen. It’ll become your husband’s on-the-go entertainment. So, give a mini projector to your movie buff this Valentine’s Day and wait for him to have the time of his life.

    Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Mini Projector

  21. Royale Sneakers
  22. Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Royale Sneakers

    Elevated leather sneakers can transform your husband’s overall look in seconds. So, this pair of sneakers is a must in his wardrobe. This Valentine’s Day, pamper your man with royale sneakers and watch him turn heads wherever he goes, whether it is a business meeting or a casual meet up with his friends.

  23. Smart Mug
  24. He loves his coffee, doesn’t he? Then, why should he start his day with a cold brew? If your husband prefers a piping hot cup of coffee every morning, a smart mug makes an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for him! He’ll be able to easily control the temperature of his coffee with this mug. In fact, the coffee stays hotter than usual in a smart mug!

    Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Smart Mug

  25. Acupressure Mat
  26. Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Acupressure Mat

    Has your husband been complaining about severe neck aches and backaches? Well, in that case, an acupressure mat is exactly what he needs! This Valentine’s Day, take care of his needs by giving him the ultimate stress-relief, an acupressure mat. This mat works wonders on his body aches and relieves stress-knots with ease.

  27. Gravity Blanket
  28. Cozy blankets make a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for your husband all throughout the year. But hey, think out-of-the-box and make this year about a gravity blanket. Its all-round benefits of providing comfort, reducing stress, and promoting a good night’s sleep is an absolute win. So, waste no time further and give a gravity blanket to your favourite man on Valentine’s Day.

    Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Gravity Blanket

  29. Death Star Iceball Maker
  30. Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for husband-Death Star Iceball Maker

    An excellent Valentine’s Day idea for your husband! Encourage him to make a large ball of ice decorated in the shape of the first Death Star based on its appearance in the movie, Star Wars: A New Hope.

    This year, don’t settle for anything less for your husband. Take some time out and think about his tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes. Go through our list as it’ll make your life a lot easier. Get ready to welcome the long Valentine’s week with your man with truckloads of love and gifts.

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