Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas for Your Brother to Make Him Feel Loved

Celebrating Diwali with your brother might hold a special place in your heart. Right from bursting crackers to lighting lamps, you get to do it all with your brother by your side. Along with the customary Diwali celebration, you also get to celebrate your lifelong bond with him on the last day (Bhaidooj) of the festival. On Bhaidooj, you shower your brother with lots of love and bhai dooj gifts to make him feel extra special.

If you are searching for presents, look at these top 13 best bhai dooj gift ideas for your brother to celebrate another year of siblinghood with enthusiasm:

  1. Sketches
  2. What’s better than a fine piece of artwork to remind your brother how much you love him? Perhaps, a sketch is a memorable gift idea to express your love to him on Bhaidooj. By giving him a portrait sketch of him or his favourite personality, you will surely make his day that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

    Bhai Dooj gift for brother-sketch

  3. Pets
  4. Bhai Dooj gift for brother-Pet

    Has your brother always expressed the desire to own a pet? If that’s the case, surprise him with a pet this festive season and watch him be grateful to you forever. Along with the pet, prepare a pet care package as well. For instance, if you are gifting him a puppy, include a separate bag for its collar, toys, water dishes, food and bed.

  5. Personalised chocolate box
  6. The festival of Diwali is a great excuse to binge your favourite sweets and chocolates. So, surprise the chocolate monster of your family with a premium box of chocolates. Choose his favourite assorted box and give it a personal touch by adding a quirky quote that defines your relationship with him.

    Bhai Dooj gift for brother-Chocolate

  7. Backseat massager
  8. Are you looking for an off-beat Bhaidooj gift for your brother? If yes, surprise him with this unusual gift that is perfect for helping him sit back and relax after a long day. A backseat massager is one of the excellent Bhai dooj gift ideas for a brother who doesn’t get enough time for himself due to his routine hustle.

  9. Moon lamp
  10. Bhai Dooj gift for brother-Moon Lamp

    If you have exhausted yourself after searching for the best Bhaidooj gift for your brother, don’t worry! A moon lamp is a perfect option to surprise him without any second thought for Bhaidooj. It is a portable lamp that he can place in any corner of the room with the promise to instantly light up the dull decor.

  11. Star map
  12. A brother makes your life special right from the time he is born. This Bhaidooj, give him the gift of stars showing the alignment on the day he graced your life with his presence. Mark the wonderful day of siblings with a heartwarming message of your choice engraved on the star map.

  13. Car phone mount
  14. It is a great Bhai dooj for a brother who owns a car. It serves the purpose of keeping his focus on the car without letting the phone distract him while driving. A car phone mount holds the mobile device appropriately in the centre and on the front of the dashboard of the vehicle. This way, it eradicates the constant need to look downwards.

    Bhai Dooj gift for brother-Phone Mount

  15. Football studs
  16. Bhai Dooj gift for brother-Football Shoes

    Give a footballer the right gear, and he will conquer the world! Whether he is a toddler or a grown man, your brother will continue obsessing about football irrespective of his age. So, pamper him with football studs this Bhaidooj to ensure he always stays on the top of his game.

  17. Noise-cancelling headphones
  18. A good song lets everyone escape reality. But does the same impact of music remain if there’s a lot of disturbance in the background? Perhaps, not! So, let your brother experience a peaceful musical ride with noise-cancelling headphones. Such headphones block out the irrelevant noise in the background.

    Bhai Dooj gift for brother-Noise Cancelling Headphones

  19. Activity tracker
  20. Bhai Dooj gift for brother-Activity tracker

    This year, help your brother keep track of routine tasks with an activity tracker. It is a small wearable device that keeps his health in check. An activity tracker gives an accurate calorie count, speed count, etc. to let him stay physically fit. It is one of the best Bhai dooj gift ideas for a brother who is a fitness freak.

  21. Hoverboard
  22. Are you hunting for the newest gadget for a tech-savvy brother? A hoverboard is a great Bhaidooj gift for your brother, whether he is younger or older to you. It is a safe electronic device that will let him commute to the short distances, such as a quick trip to the nearest coffee shop, running errands at the grocery store, etc.

    Bhai Dooj gift for brother-Hoverboard

  23. Time marker water bottle
  24. This Bhaidooj, keep the fitness freak in him alive with a time marker water bottle. It will let him keep a close eye on his water consumption levels every single day. This way, he will stay hydrated at all times without worrying about his intake per day.

  25. LED superhero light
  26. Bhai Dooj gift for brother-Superhero Light

    Can anyone else other than your brother beat the superhero obsession in your family? Perhaps, not! So, take your brother’s love for superheroes a notch higher by giving him LED superheroes light as a Bhai dooj gift. This festive season, look for marvel lights, such as Captain America’s shield, Thor’s Hammer, Hulk’s hand, Thanos’ gauntlet, etc.

    From sweets to gadgets, our list of Bhaidooj personalised gifts for your brother will instantly bring a smile on his face. This year, make the cutest member of the family feel special with these Diwali gifts on the wonderful day of siblinghood. Happy Diwali!

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