Bhaubeej Gift Ideas for Brother- 10 Bhaubeej Gifts below Rs 1000

The best gift for your brother on Bhai duj is the hardest to find. But hey, it’s not a myth. When you know where to look and what to look at while shopping for your brother, you’ll land up with one in no time. So huddle up, sister. It’s showtime!

We’ve rounded up some of the timeless yet classic bhaubeej gift ideas for every brother this festive season. Express your love and gratitude to him with these bhaubeej gifts given below:

  1. Tie mags
  2. Bhaubeej Gift Ideas for Brother- Tie Mags

    This Diwali celebration, let your brother embrace his prim and proper personality by gifting tie mags. They are stylish tie clips that will hold your brother’s dapper tie in place. Watch your brother turn heads and rock that interview in style. This way, he will create a long-lasting impressing wherever he goes!

  3. Bike repair kit
  4. This Diwali, surprise your rider brother with a bike repair kit. Watch this staple kit become his best friend every time he sets foot off the road. Look for a compact kit that can be easily carried everywhere he goes.

    Bhaubeej Gift Ideas for Brother-Bike Repair Kit

  5. Personalised chocolates
  6. Bhaubeej Gift Ideas for Brother-Personalised Chocolates

    Is the binge-worthy festival complete without a premium box of chocolates? Perhaps, not! Gift your brother an exclusive chocolate box of his preference to spread joy in his life on the auspicious day of Diwali. Go ahead and personalise it to add a special touch to the regular box of chocolates before presenting it to him on Diwali.

  7. Neck pillow with an attached hoodie
  8. Does your brother have trouble falling asleep in flight? If that’s the case, you are in sheer luck. Seize the opportunity and gift him a neck pillow with an attached hoodie for his next long flight. It is literally a blessing in disguise that will help him get some rest on his long plane journey.

  9. Beard grooming set
  10. A beard grooming kit is the perfect Bhaubeej gift for every brother who is super possessive about his beard. What’s interesting about a beard grooming set is that it is ideal for every beard type- short, long, thick, and thin. So, pick a set that consists of all the beard essentials, such as beard balm, wax, conditioner, and oils for him.

    Bhaubeej Gift Ideas for Brother-Beard Grooming Set

  11. Wooden family photograph
  12. Bhaubeej Gift Ideas for Brother- Wooden Family Photograph

    While growing up, your parents might have captured many pictures of you and your sibling. If you have a special photo with your brother that takes you down the memory lane, frame it and gift it to him as a bhaubeej gift. Trust us, it is a thoughtful gesture that is sure to bring an instant smile on his face.

  13. Shoeshine kit
  14. There is no denying that shoes are the first thing that we notice on every person. But, what is your first reaction after looking at untidy and dusty shoes? (ugh!) This festive season, let your brother create a strong impression on his colleagues, friends, or date. Gift him a shoeshine kit to keep his favourite babies polished at all times.

    Bhaubeej Gift Ideas for Brother-Shoe Shine Kit

  15. Smart photo manager
  16. Are you looking for the best gift for a photographer brother on bhai duj? If your brother is someone who loves keeping a stack of pictures safely with him, a smart photo manager is one of the perfect bhaubeej gift ideas for him. It will not only help him organise all his collection of images but also share the pictures from any device with a lot of ease.

  17. Reversible belt
  18. Does your brother prefer versatile accessories to complete his look? If that’s the case, pick a reversible belt as a bhau beej gift for him. Choose a two-sided belt preferable with solid colours that can match every attire, be it formal or casual. This way, your brother only has to flip the side of the belt to pair it up with any outfit.

  19. Workout journal
  20. Bhaubeej Gift Ideas for Brother-Workout Journal

    Let’s face it: We all have at least one fitness enthusiast in the family. Well, many cases it is usually your brother! For the brother who spends hours in front of the mirror admiring his chiselled abs, a workout journal is one of the excellent bhaubeej gift ideas for him. This festive season, let him track of his fitness routine using a workout journal even amidst the binge-worthy time of the year.

    As we know, shopping for a sibling whom you’ve known for your life can be a tad difficult. With this ultimate guide on bhaubeej gifts for a brother, we are sure you’ll draw some inspiration this year. While looking at these gifts, be considerate of his tastes and preferences too. Happy shopping, guys!

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