Birthday Gift For Mom: Ideas to Inspire You

From the long-suffering, weepy mother of old Hindi films to the more recent, highly feisty Molly Weasley, mom to six boys and one girl, in the Harry Potter saga, mothers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. But they define unconditional love in all its hues and are, therefore, truly wonderful. So, the birthday gift for mom must be befitting her status in your life. Here is a collection of thoughts and ideas in making the day truly meaningful for this most loved person in your life.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom From a Son

This is a gift, most precious, that money cannot buy: Your time. Gift it to your mom on her next birthday and watch her face light up with joy. For a daughter, typically, even if one goes beyond stereotypes, chances are that she will be more around the house. Her interests, matters of safety and so on may lead her to spend more time at home and with her mother.

For this precious gift of time, you do not need any gift wrapping ideas, too – because it is a gift straight from your heart to hers.

For the special day with mom, there is no need for a hectic plan – let her lead in what she wishes to do. Sit down for a cup of tea with her when she would like to, and produce a bar of chocolate she loves, to share with her. Let it be a Cadbury Silk bar personalised with her name, photo and a message from you.

If she happens to be a chocoholic, check all the gift ideas for chocolate lovers on CadburyGifting and order whatever else you know she will love.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom From a Daughter

This one may be trickier. Of course, if you live in another city, or separately, the ideal gift would be to spend the day with your mother. If you live with her, the gift has to be thought through more carefully. No last-minute gift ideas would work here.

We invite you to carefully review her day - what are her stress points, can you ease them in any way? It could be anything from cooking multiple meals for the family to helping a younger sibling with his or her school work. Offer to take over the task or tasks for the day. Let her put up her feet and enjoy her me-time.

Infuse her day with little bursts of joy. Maybe her favourite fresh flowers arranged in a vase at night – to greet her when she opens her eyes first thing in the morning. A fancy body lotion perched among her toiletries for her to discover when she goes for a shower. A personalised pack of Cadbury’s Silk Miniatures – with her photo and a message from you in it - by the tea box which she finds when she goes to make her cup of afternoon tea. Make your birthday gifts for mom like never before, this time around.

Online Gifts for Mom’s Birthday

This idea is for you if you are truly strapped for time and yet want to make it very special for your mom. However, you will need to do some prep in advance so you are not rushed at the end – there are no last minute gift ideas for mom!

You know her indulgences (which she rarely gives in to). Spa or hair treatments; high heels; bags and more bags; orchids or birds of paradise; silver trinkets, chocolates… Get help from a friend and scour the net to zero in on a bunch of things she will love. Try to order the gifts – including a personalised Satin Potli of chocolates from CadburyGufting with your heartfelt message within – such that they arrive in the days leading up to her birthday.

If you prefer gift basket ideas and can make the time, order all the online gifts for mom’s birthday to a friend’s house. Use the most creative gift wrapping ideas to wrap each gift with love and care and gift the hamper to your favourite lady on the morning of her birthday.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom’s Birthday

Not recommended, but we understand, it happens sometimes – despite best intentions! So what can you do? Buy her jewellery! Most mothers will like some form of jewellery – gold, silver, trinkets, beads, anklets – check your budget and buy the piece en route to meet her. The other thing to do is rustle up a dish (bake a butter cake?) you know she will like – doesn’t have to be something fancy – and share it with her.

Follow this up with a sweet belated wish from the heart - a message in chocolates from Cadbury Gifting that you can further personalise with a throwback photo of the two of you.

Let even the last minute gift ideas for mom’s birthday be something to cherish.