Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

This role may be played by any one in your life. The idea of ‘best friend’, much like a ‘Rakhi sibling’ has been interpreted and reinterpreted. Today, your ‘best friend’ may be your sibling, your parent, spouse and also your boyfriend or girlfriend. Whoever be this special person, birthday gift ideas for a best friend must not be run of the mill, for sure. This is where we come in. From quirky gift ideas for a best friend to last minute gift ideas – dip into our treasure trove of ideas to inspire you.

Chocolate Gift Ideas for a Bestie with a Sweet Tooth

Here are top 10 chocolate gift basket ideas for your bestie that we recommend. Bring to fore, all your creative gift wrapping ideas and wrap each gift in the hamper separately.

  • -   Lots of quirky costume jewellery she would love. Add a bag of personalised Cadbury Silk Miniatures with a photo of the two of you together and a message.

  • -   Medley of exciting grooming products with a bar of personalised Silk chocolate from CadburyGifting. A goodie basket idea she would love, for sure, if she loves experimenting with the latest in skin and hair products.

  • -   3-4 chocolate picks from CadburyGifting, each with a different photo of the two of you and a message recollecting the fun times spent together.

  • -   A voucher to buy books at her favourite bookstore tucked into a Satin Potli of Silk chocolates, with a message from you.

  • -   Home-made butter cupcakes with a box of Cadbury’s Silk chocolates that has her photo on pack, and ‘U R The Best!’ inscribed on it.

  • -   A goodie basket idea to beat all else: as many Silk chocolates as your years of friendship – each personalised with a photo and a message to mark the passage of time.

  • -   Flowers and chocolates – lots of it – what could be a better gift basket idea?

  • -   Her favourite things… a tiny bottle of prune preserves she loves; a glitter nailpaint; a selection of podcasts; a pack of Cadbury’s Silk chocolates (her favourites) – personalised with a note from you and a photo of the two of you.

  • -   The gift ‘basket’ is Satin Potli full of Silk chocolates from CadburyGifting that you can personalise with a message and a photo. In the potli, slip in little ‘surprises’ – a set of small vials of perfume, a friendship ring, an online gift voucher of her favourite brand…

  • -   This goodie basket idea is to do with a new found hobby – for instance if her new hobby is gardening - in her chocolate gift hamper, add gardening equipment, organic manure and easy-to-grow seeds.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Yes, she’s your best friend and you love her to death but you still forgot her special day has arrived, and it is already evening! Pull out all stops on getting her gift, and rush to her place with it to wish her in person, however late. Here are some ideas of last minute gift basket ideas that may work. Drop by at a hotel patisserie and splurge to indulge her sweet tooth. The most exotic, fragrant flowers - make it a life-size bouquet. Fresh flowers, especially such an overwhelming gesture, is bound to work as a last minute gift idea.

Take a few minutes, sit down and compose a letter thanking her for all the times in your life where she was an incredible support or bailed you out of crisis. Tell her how much you value her for being your safety net but also for the companionship and laughter she brings to your life. Put this in the best envelope you have in the house, and carry it to her house to hand it over in person telling her – money can’t buy the perfect gift for her, she is worth so much more.

Last Minute Handmade Gift Ideas

A gift made by your own two hands is guaranteed to make up for being last minute! What can be a better last minute handmade gift than something you cook for her? It doesn’t matter if you’re not a gourmet cook, you can take help from the cook in the house. Your best bet is to bake – and no, a birthday cake is not necessary.

A simple batch of butter cookies (all you need is butter, maida, sugar, essence and baking powder and an oven) from an easy recipe will do. Pack the cookies in a nice glass jar and use a unique gift wrapping idea to add the final touch. (Try wrapping it up in plain paper – with your wishes for her written across the paper. ‘Wishing you: the elusive ‘best ever’ job this year; Mr Right; joys on the weighing scale…’

Go ahead surprise her with the best birthday gift for a best friend!