Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Sure, you know your husband best, but when it comes to gifting him for his birthday, you may find yourself in a bit of a dilemma. This guide on ‘Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Husband’ is intended to help you arrive at the right gift, a gift that is bound to delight the special man in your life.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Husbands

Gift him a special evening with his favourite friends, his old-time buddies. (It need not be on his birthday.) Fix the venue, invite the friends, arrange for his favourite music, food and drinks, and tip the waiters to ensure special treatment for the birthday boy and his pals. Then leave him to enjoy the evening with his buds.

He may love you to death and want no one but you as a life partner, but may still enjoy time out with the boys (or girls). And that’s just fine.

Request a friend to click fun photographs of the evening and share them with you. Download the photos and have them embossed on personalised Cadbury’s Silk chocolate packs for each of the friends. The personalised chocolate gift packs you order online at CadburyGifting allows you to send out a small thank-you message to each of them. This sweet surprise is guaranteed to touch all hearts, including your husband’s.

Personalised Gifts for Your Husband’s Birthday

Personalised gifts are the best gifts for all occasions, and if gifting a spouse, this is easy too – who would know him better than you? Make a list of unique birthday gifts for husbands – then narrow it down by personalising it to your hubby’s likes.

Personalised gifts for a husband’s birthday could include monogrammed handkerchiefs (do one better: buy the finest handkerchiefs and hand embroider them yourself for a touch of old-worldly charm); engraved pens and jewellery (platinum rings for you and him); special leather planners with his name in neat golden cursive; or even chocolates specially packaged with his name and photo – order online from CadburyGifting.

Try some unique gift wrapping ideas to package the gift beautifully. Maybe a fine cardboard box with his sketch on it (you can have the sketch framed later). This is likely to score high among all the creative gift ideas for a husband’s birthday one can think of, for sure!

Gift Basket Ideas For Men

Yes, a gift box does nicely for the man who has everything he likes. The idea is simple: gift him more of what he likes! Who wouldn’t like that? Remember, it’s the fun gesture that counts here – not how expensive the gifts are. So if he has a fetish for bright prints on socks – in goes a hand-picked pair; pearl cufflinks to cater to his taste for sophistication; a small bottle of his all-time favourite scent; a fountain pen; a personalised pack of Silk chocolates bearing a message of love from you to him…

The goodie basket idea is all the more fun if you come up with unique gift wrapping ideas for each gift. For instance, use plain, handmade paper to wrap each gift with each wrapper carrying a message of love from you: ‘I love you because you always make me laugh,’ ‘I love you because you never fat-shame me’, ‘I love you because…’

Chocolate Gift Ideas: Surprise Him With Sweetness

What is the best birthday gift for a husband? Nothing could be better than the reassurance and reiteration of his life partner’s love and caring. Here’s a delightful way to demonstrate this. If he has a sweet tooth and enjoys his chocolates, he is going to love this all the more. At least two weeks ahead of his birthday, each day, order a personalised Cadbury Silk bar of chocolate to be delivered to his place of work.

Allow for about 7 days for delivery. This way, if you start 14 days in advance, you will have managed to surprise him with a chocolate every day, in the week’s run-up to his birthday. Personalise each chocolate pack with a photo of the two of you and a loving message from you. He may share the chocolate with his colleagues, but the warm feeling in his heart that each sweet message triggers is his alone to savour and cherish.

Even among the most unique birthday gifts for husband, this will stand out!

So go ahead, put on your thinking cap, come up with brilliant and unique birthday gift ideas for your husband. In the hurly-burly of the lives we lead today, special days are seldom marked with anything truly meaningful. This year on your husband’s birthday, take time out; tell him how much he means to you and how grateful you are that you have him in your life to love and to cherish for all time to come. Have a blast!