10 Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids | Kids Return Gift for Birthday

Every kid looks forward to their next birthdays to be showered with attention, cake, birthday gifts and also, love. Parents, too, anticipate this day as it comes only once a year and plan to make it the most special one for their child.

But organising a birthday party can get hectic as you have to make sure everything is on point for the day. This includes picking out perfect birthday return gifts for kids. From purchasing customised ones to getting presents in bulk, there are endless options for return gifts. So, here is an ultimate list of birthday return gift ideas that you can choose from for your child’s special day.

10 Birthday Return Gift Ideas for kids That You Should Know

  1. 50 Shades Crayon Set
  2. Most children anticipate art class at school as it the most fun subject amongst Math and Science. It is also where you can unleash your creativity. But many get bored with colouring using just ten shades. So why not buy a large colouring set as return gifts for children’s birthday? The kids would love finding 50 unique shades of crayons. You can just imagine what their next art class would look like! These can be easily bought online or at a local store from some known brands.

    Birthday Return Gifts For Kids Crayons Set

  3. Complete a Puzzle
  4. We all remember a time as a kid when we couldn’t put a puzzle together and yet enjoyed the challenge it posed. We still loved going back to it and trying again. You can get something similar where the puzzle is based on scenery or a superhero. This will surely be the most exciting and exciting birthday return gifts! But make sure to select the difficulty level of the puzzle set depending on the age of the children. You bet they will start with right away after the party.

  5. Personalised Chocolates
  6. Birthday Return Gifts for Kids Personalised Chocolates

    Chocolates are a fond childhood memory that can make you nostalgic as an adult. This is why this can serve as the perfect birthday return gifts for kids that can also be shared with their family. You can get it as a personalised chocolate gift with the names and pictures of the kids on the box to give it a special touch. So go on and purchase some delicious chocolates for the party.

  7. Cartoon Bowl Set
  8. Make their snack time special by gifting the children a cartoon bowl set with a spoon and fork. Many of us remember having a cartoon bowl, with a Pikachu on it, used especially for slurping on Top Ramen. So let them enjoy such a memory, too, by getting a set with a popular cartoon design on it. This is definitely the way to the children’s heart!

    Birthday Return Gifts For Kids Bowl Set

  9. Colourful Play-Doh
  10. Haven’t we all messed up our Play-Doh sets by mixing one colour with the other just to see what happens? So, a single set of Play-Doh is never enough for a kid. You can buy this as return gifts for children’s birthday that contains some unusual game set, too. You will surely get a thank-you call from the parents for the gift and getting the children off their backs for a new set!

  11. Plantable Pencils
  12. Birthday Return Gifts for Kids Plantable pencils

    We get used to throwing away pencils that become too small to hold but have you heard of plantable pencils? It is almost like magic for a plant can grow out of a pencil. Thus, instead of throwing it out, you can utilise it. Not only will this amaze the kids but will also inculcate a good habit of reusing things. So don’t wait and get packs of plantable pencils!

  13. Piggy Banks
  14. For most, their first piggy banks are memorable as it led us to want to save even the tiniest amount of money. This can also introduce a good habit in children so why not gift a pretty piggy bank shapes as a doll or a car? Such return gifts for children's birthday will be remembered by most.

    Birthday Return Gifts for Kids Piggy Bank

  15. Kaleidoscope
  16. Kaleidoscope is a fascinating item that keeps you wondering as to how can an object do this! This is the best present for young kids as it is fun, educational as well as gender-neutral.

  17. Pop-Up Storybook
  18. Birthday Return Gifts for Kids Pop-Up Storybook

    Not many children love reading as young kids because they do it enough for school. A pop-up storybook is a good way to win the interest back with fun visualisation of the narrative. So pick an exciting story for the kids and surely the parents will give a call back for the present.

  19. Stuffed Toy
  20. There are never too many stuffed toys in the world of kids, so you can go ahead and choose to gift a cute stuffed toy without a worry. This will make their day after a nice birthday celebration!

    Birthday Return Gifts for Kids Stuffed Toy

    Now that you have some great birthday return gift ideas for kids, you can easily make this party a special one for everyone!