Cadbury Helps You Choose the Best Valentine's Day Gift for Your Girlfriend

For any and every occasion, more than just impersonalized gifts, it’s the customization that helps bring the essence of it. Since its Valentine’s – whether it be your best friend, lover, husband, pet, or kid, every single one deserves the best of you and vice versa.

Thus, making a gift that’s equally appealing and significant comes to how you choose to make the present unique for your beloved. If your girlfriend is a movie lover, or a superhero fanatic or simply someone who is fond of little delights like chocolates, crafting gifts as per their choices will surely stand out on this big day. Hence, throw away your last minute woes and take a look at Cadbury’s array of delectable and one-of-a-kind chocolate varieties.

Cadbury makes your gifting much easier by taking into account what your likes and dislikes are and crafting chocolates just as per you desire. To make your process of choosing simpler, we present to you top five boxes that will steal the limelight and at the same time make a pocket-friendly bet worth a buy.

• I Love You Personalized Classic Gift Box - This classic gift box will help your girl indulge in her favorite chocolates. The box comes filled with assorted chocolates and can be customized with a special message from Cadbury’s own list to lend a touch of delight to the heart of your receiver.

• I Love You Pack - Like the saying goes when in doubt always give chocolates. This pretty little I Love You pack comes pre-filled with one dairy milk silk, silk fruit and nut, silk roast almond, dairy milk crackle, and dairy milk fruit and nut. To add an extra flair of fancy, you can customize the cover of the box with an image of your girlfriend or a collage of pictures she loves. Such a meticulously thought gift box will make an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend.

Discover the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Girlfriend at Cadbury Gifting India

• Valentine’s Heart Shaped Gift Box - Now sending heartfelt messages are just a step away with this one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift boxes that are in the shape of a heart. The beautifully-designed heart-shaped box comes filled with treats and can be additionally customized with messages like ‘I Love You’, ‘Thanks’, ‘You’re My Star’, ‘Awesome’, or ‘Roses’. Such a personalized box is perfect to add a hint of blush to your girlfriend’s face.

• Valentine's Heart Shaped Gift Box with Video Personalization - Warm hugs, exchange of heartfelt messages and what’s more? Be no more surprised! This Valentine’s Day make it bigger for your girlfriend with specialized gifts that echo nothing but I Love You. This heart-shaped gift box from Cadbury comes with an option of video personalization. All you need to do is select the box and then upload a video that you have specially created for your beloved to give her a big surprise. She can view the video by using a QR code and munch on the chocolates with utmost delight.

• Valentine's Dark Milk Box with Personalization - Crafted with a refined assortment of fine dark chocolates and smooth and creamy milk chocolate, this box of heaven is sure to shoot crackers of love in her heart. Since dark chocolates are known for their refined taste, the blend of richest and creamiest chocolate crafted with a mix of aromatic cocoa beans to create a rich flavor and elegant texture will leave your girl craving for more. You can further customize the box with an image to make the best Valentine gift for girlfriend.


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