Chocolate Gift Ideas for a Choco Themed Birthday Party

Have you met a child – kid or teen – who doesn’t love chocolates? Difficult! So, what better way to delight a child than throw a chocolate-themed birthday party for him or her (with a little help from CadburyGifting)? This is likely to beat all the superhero or gaming icon-themed birthdays for the little one, for sure! Yes, there is going to be some amount of prep but check our guide below, get inspired, and get started. This is universally appealing and works as a birthday gift idea for a teenage daughter or her younger sibling. No, it’s not necessary to call in a professional for this. Be organised and move step-by-step to create a truly personalised birthday party – just as CadburyGifting chocolate packs are.

Get the Plan Going With Creative Chocolate Gift Ideas

As a curtain-raiser surprise for your child, log on to CadburyGifting and order in a Happy Birthday Tin Box containing eight of your child’s favourite Cadbury’s Silk chocolates. Personalise the box with a message wishing him in advance and telling him that you have planned a special birthday for him this year. From this point onwards, involve your youngster in all the planning – to double the fun.

The guest list is critical, post-pandemic particularly. Let it be a small party of not more than 5-10 of your child’s closest friends. Once the guest list is frozen, let your child have some creative fun designing interesting personalised invitation cards separately for each of his guests – a good time to get him to brush up on his software skills too. Add a sweet surprise gift for the invitees. Order Cadbury Silk chocolate bars to be delivered to the invitees, each personalised with a photo of the birthday girl or boy and a message – ‘Come to my party!’

Best Gift Idea for a Sister’s Birthday… Yes, Works Well For Her too!

This idea works well for a little sister, or if you have a younger brother, this may well count for being the best ‘birthday gift’ for a brother from a sister! Host the party either on the terrace if the weather allows or on a partially covered patio opening out to a garden with trees and natural shade. If you do not have such a space, just ensure that the party room is well ventilated.

For the décor, it would be a good idea to have twigs planted in small pots strung up with fairy lights and little hanging chocolates (maybe Cadbury Miniatures), which the children can ‘pluck’ off the trees and eat or carry back as liked. No creative gift wrapping ideas required here – the chocolates are to be ‘plucked’ and eaten straight.

Organise a special ‘chocolate hunt’ as a birthday game. Order in Cadbury’s Silk chocolate bars from CadburyGifting, personalised with each child’s name and photo, and hide it around the house and garden. (Open up the house for the kids to allow for unique hiding places.) Play lively music and let the hunt begin… Each child has to find the chocolate with his name and photo on it.

If he stumbles upon someone else’s, he has to quietly leave the chocolate where he found it. The person who finds his or her personalised chocolate first is the winner and gets… guess what? More chocolate! You can order in a Satin Potli full of Cadbury chocolate bars and have a message in it talking about your child’s party. The picture is a goofy party emoji. No DIY gift wrapping ideas required here – the gift is too pretty to cover up!

These kinds of parties and party games also work as the best birthday gifts for teenage girls if your young lady wants to have some throwback fun with her girl gang. You could organise the ‘chocolate hunt’ for her buddies over for a stay-over on her birthday eve.

For a chocolate-themed birthday party, the cake, of course, must be a gooey chocolate cake – could be the top birthday gift for sister or brother who drools over chocolate cake! Ideally, bake it at home – nothing like a home-baked, rich chocolate cake. Choose a recipe that has ingredients and flavours that your child loves. On the top, ice a special birthday message: ‘Wishing Ruhi a Sweet, Chocolatey year ahead!’ Get your little one to help with the cooking. Much of the fun of an event is the lead-up activity… Such occasions also help you to bond with your child better.

‘Birthday Gift Idea’ for Girls & Boys

Let the menu be of your child’s choosing. Here’s a thought and a special ‘birthday gift’: If your child has a sweet tooth, this one time, pull out all the stops. Let it be a ‘desserts only’ party! And yes, of course, keeping to the theme, the menu will feature chocolate soufflé, chocolate sandwiches, chocolate mousse, chocolate cookies… and more! You can order some Cadbury Happy Birthday moulded chocolate bars to keep the birthday theme going. Don’t forget to have the mandatory chips, cold drinks and maybe some mini burgers for the little guest who must have his savoury bite.

Chocolate Gift Ideas to Strengthen Bonds

Make the return gift an unusual one: Send back a gift for the family. In these times where the world is still not past the unprecedented health crisis, the importance of staying connected through warmth and loving ties cannot be underscored enough. You may choose a Satin Potli of Silk chocolates or anything you like from CadburyGifting with a message – ‘From our home to yours, with much love’ – and a photo of your family. This will be a sweet gesture to make you friends forever. And you don’t need to bother with special gift-wrapping ideas to befit your special gift – the Cadbury’ Silk Potlis are charming in themselves.

The thoughts here could be tweaked to gift ideas for a 10-year-old girl’s birthday, to 5-year old twins or even for an older child – after all, the universal charm of chocolate enthrals all!