Valentine’s Day Gifts for her

Valentine’s Day gifts are a reflection of your genuine love and efforts. In fact, it’s the thought that counts behind every present that you give on V-Day. Well, start planning and give it extra thought before finalising any gift for the women in your life. This year, don’t settle for anything less. Get thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for her to show that you totally get her and her interests.

It’s time to impress her with the sweetest gestures. So, glance through our list of the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your special ladies, be it your wife, girlfriend, or mother:

  1. Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend
    • Personalised Chocolates
    • The magic of personalised chocolates will work all the time, especially on your girlfriend. So, kickstart Valentine’s week with your gorgeous lady with lots of chocolates and a dash of personalisation. Pick a premium Valentine’s chocolate box from the House of Cadbury for her. You can choose from our exclusive collection of Valentine’s Heart Shaped Gift Box, Dairy Milk Silk & Oreo Special Valentine’s Gift Edition Pack, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, and so on.

      Valentine Day Gift for her

    • Assorted Indoor Plants
    • Valentine Day gift for her-Assorted Indoor Plants

      Adding hints of green to the corner of a house helps in spreading positivity. So, give your girl the gift of nature to send some good vibes to her house. You can even engrave a love quote on the planter. Believe us when we say that a custom-made planter with succulents makes it the best Valentine’s Day gift for every nature lover. So, don’t think twice. Just go for it!

    • Personalised Cushion
    • This Valentine’s Day, transform regular gifting into something fun. Ditch the ordinary and get creative with fluffy cushions. Print your special girl’s picture on either a furry or a sequin pillow and give it to her. You can even go the extra mile and add a special message for her on the cushion so that she thinks of you before hitting the bed.

      Valentine Day gift for her-Personalised Cushion

    • An Assortment of Flavored Tea
    • Valentine Day gift for her-An Assortment of Flavored Tea

      Let the aroma of fresh brews fill her heart with warmth every morning. This assortment gift pack will surely take her love for tea to the next level.

    • Perfumed Potpourri
    • Your girl is literally like a breath of fresh air, right? But, have you told her that yet? If not, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to say it out loud with a perfumed potpourri. Pick her favourite scent, write down a beautiful quote, and take her by surprise by giving her a custom-made perfumed potpourri.

      Valentine Day gift for her-Perfumed Potpourri

  2. Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife
    • One Dozen Red Roses
    • Valentine Day gift for her-One Dozen Red Roses

      This year, commence the 7-day long Valentine’s week with a dozen of red roses. You can either deliver a bouquet of fresh roses at her doorstep or surprise her at the door early in the morning with a bouquet. Either way, she’ll love it!

    • Hoya Heart Potted Plant
    • If there’s anything that screams love on V-Day it is the hoya heart potted plant. It is a tiny succulent with heart-shaped leaves that make it an ode for the day of love. Quite literally! So, pamper your beautiful wife with this plant at the beginning of Valentine’s week.

      Valentine Day gift for her-Hoya Heart Potted Plant

    • Stud Earrings
    • Valentine Day gift for her-Stud Earrings

      This Valentine’s Day, upgrade your wife’s jewelry collection with a sparkly pair of stud earrings. Do not go over the top with the glitter. Pick something chic based on her personal taste and preference.

    • Premium Bamboo Bathroom Tray
    • If your queen cannot resist a nice long bubble bath after work, purchase a stylish bath caddy as a Valentine’s Day gift for your wife. Make sure that the tray fits all her shower essentials, such as candles, books, and a glass of wine, of course!

      Valentine Day gift for her-Premium Bamboo Bathroom Tray

    • Woman’s Long Robe
    • Valentine Day gift for her-Woman’s Long Robe

      It’s time to make her mornings better with a comfortable robe. Pick a long, fluffy robe for your wife to help her lounge in the house every morning. You can even go ahead and get her initials or name embroidered on the robe. Trust us, a custom-made soft robe makes an excellent Valentine’s Day gift idea for her.

  3. Valentine’s Day gifts for your mother
    • Wristlet
    • At times, she might require a huge tote to hit the town. But what about the times when she is running a quick errand? Well, in that case, a wristlet comes to her rescue! Save her the trouble and pick a classy wristlet for days when she is in no mood to carry around the word.

      Valentine Day gift for her-Wristlet

    • Hand Cream Collection
    • Valentine Day gift for her-Hand Cream Collection

      It is the perfect gift of nourishment for your mother. This Valentine’s Day, spoil your mom with a deluxe hand cream collection that works wonders on her dry and cracked palms. It’s indeed a gift that she’ll swear by for a long time from now on.

    • Cosmetic Bag
    • It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to hold your mum’s bits and bots. She can store everything right from her makeup to skincare essentials in this cosmetic bag. So, give it to her this year and watch it turn into her travel buddy!

      Valentine Day gift for her-Cosmetic Bag

    • Botanical Bath Salts
    • Valentine Day gift for her-Botanical Bath Salts

      Next time your mum is stressed, all she’ll have to do is run some hot water, grab a towel, and spike her bath with these healing botanical bath salts. These bath salts are a relaxing blend of lavender, chamomile, epson, and other essentials oils. That’s exactly why it makes an ideal Valentine’s Day gift idea for her.

The best women in your life truly deserve all the love and appreciation. Whether it is your mum, girlfriend, or even your wife, seize the day of love and tell these gorgeous ladies how much you love them. Start by planning beautiful Valentine’s Day surprises for her this year and voila! She’ll be gushing throughout the day, just because of you.

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