Colourful Holi Gift Hamper Ideas for All

India is a land brimming with rich culture and diversity. Holi being a much-awaited festival of colours, it marks the onset of spring and the victory of good over evil.

Thus, to celebrate the richness of nature, this joyous festival is celebrated with colours. It also brings a prospect to convey messages of trust, love and brotherhood. People smear each other with wet and dry colours in vivid colours and throw watercolours filled balloons on each other.

Holi is a fun-filled festival that is meant to be celebrated with friends, family members and close relatives. Just like every other significant festival, gifts and chocolates too play a vital role during Holi. Here are some Holi gift ideas for your near and dear ones that are sure to amplify the essence of fun.

1. Customized Holi Cake & Chocolates

The specialities of Holi is its extravagant food items and desserts. To pump in the spirit of the occasion, you can customise the cake in vibrant colours signifying the beauty that this festival bears, finally forming a VIBGYOR band. You can also gift personalised chocolates that are available online – they consist of colourful chocolates packed in signature violet boxes or potlis -to complete the Holi gift hamper. Team the chocolates and cake with a greeting card penned with a special note for your loved one.

Add Colour to the Lives of Your Loved Ones with Our Holi Gift Hamper Ideas
2. Wall Hangings

Be it Holi or Republic Day, wall hangings have always been considered to be a brilliant gift on any festive occasion. However, the best form of wall hangings that you can gift your relatives or close friends during Holi is that of Lord Ganesh or Lord Krishna. These wall hangings not only usher a good omen in the house but also make ideal accessories to decorate the home during such significant festivals.

3. Personalised Cushion

As the festival of Holi announces its onset, people start nudging here and there for gifts. Along with that comes a time for fun and merriment with your relatives and close buddies. But wait! The fun doesn’t end here; people also gather up posing for reels to cherish the moments. So, you must be saving a bulk of such fun and colourful Holi memories from your yesteryears. Select one and get it imprinted on a cushion to gift it to a friend you’ve met after years. Your dearest friend will much appreciate this nostalgic colourful personalised cushion.

4. Basket of Personal Care Items

Firstly, choose a wicker basket and trim it with a pretty ribbon to enhance its appeal. Fill it with a variety of personal care items such as a packet of sandalwood powder, a bottle of coconut hair oil, scented face scrub and a moisturising cream, all of which will prevent the fingers from getting stained. You can also add a packet of scented tissues, a facial cleanser and a suntan lotion. Having all these products tucked in the gift basket will make the Holi celebrations more exciting yet safer.

5. A Pack of Holi Colours

What’s better than a pack of vibrant colours during Holi? All you need to do is get them packed in a beautiful box along with a small greeting card and a box of chocolates. These colours symbolise the significance of this occasion and the spirit of this festival of colour called Holi.

Busting with colours, Holi is a festival of extreme joy and excitement. Its celebrations go much more beyond just merriment and more about building kinship and bond with everyone. With these above Holi gift hamper ideas, now making a loved one happy is much more comfortable.