Custom Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Lover

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and soon you’ll be swept up in a whirlwind of cupids, red hearts, red roses and everything synonymous with the word ‘love’. It’s a time where you celebrate love, both romantic and platonic. You’ll see that it’s also a time where people convey their feelings or express their love with custom Valentine’s Day gifts. Now, if you happen to have a significant other in your life, you might be on the lookout for something special, perhaps custom Valentine’s Day gifts that clearly express your affection towards your lover that can strengthen your bond with them and remain memorable.

In this season of romance, it is not hard to find Valentine’s Day gifts everywhere you go. But if you truly want your gift to stand out, all you have to do is add a bit of personal touch. Plus, it shows that you’ve picked your Valentine’s gifts in advance.

Here are a few Valentine’s gift ideas with all the inspiration you need to make this Valentine’s Day - one to remember.

Best Valentine Day gifts that say ‘I love you’ like no other:

Jar of hearts

This simple idea features a mason jar with mini origami hearts in it. You can fill it up with love notes written down on heart-shaped paper and add some candy to the mix. These loves notes can include anything from heartfelt messages to favourite lyrics – everything you would want to say to your significant other. To jazz it up a little, you can also add a piercing cupid’s bow through the lid. This lovers’ day gift can be personalised to your preference to add any mini items your partner may like.

Keepsake box

For this, you’ll need a trinket box that can store bits and bobs of your memories in it. You can print out polaroids of pictures clicked on important milestones of your relationship and other significant items like your promise ring and so on. Keepsake boxes make for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for people that are sentimental and like to store items in memory of a special event. Imagine how lovely it will be when the two of you look back at it someday and find all these memorable things that signify your journey together as a couple!

Customised Jewellery

As cliché as it sounds, custom jewellery has always been a classic. There are plenty of options if you’re looking to go down this road – from initial necklaces to custom sketch pendants. This is especially perfect for those in a serious commitment.

Choose the kind of jewellery you’d like to gift your partner and then pick a design. Once that’s over with, you can either engrave your initials, a significant date, coordinates, or a customised sketch on this piece of jewellery. Either way, make sure to get something that holds a special meaning to the two of you.

Personalised couple passport cover

If you’re a couple that loves going on mini adventures around the world, this might be the perfect present. It’s a thoughtful and sweet gesture to ensure that your travel documents aren’t misplaced and are safe during your journey.

Pick a colour scheme or a theme that summarises your travels to have the cover designed to your liking. Many passport covers also allow you to print travel quotes and photographs alongside the name.

Custom Valentine’s gifts for someone in long-distance relationships:

Valentine chocolate

In this classic season of romance, Valentine’s Day chocolate is one of the most popularly exchanged gifts. It’s a worldwide tradition for couples to gift each other Valentine chocolate to express their deepest emotions. If you’re someone living away from your partner and cannot find a way to give them Valentine chocolate in person, try Cadbury Gifting. It offers an exclusive collection of Valentine’s Day chocolate like the I Love You Neon Box, Valentine’s Special Silk Personalised Bar, Diary Milk Valentine’s Gift Box & more.

Surprise your loved one with one of these goodies that can be delivered right to their doorstep. All you have to do is pick a favourite and customise it with a personal message or photograph, while Cadbury Gifting does the rest.

Personalised Scented Candles

Candles are an ideal gift for the most romantic day of the year, especially if it’s a scent that will remind them of you. Make this Valentine’s Day gift even more special by personalising it with a message or a photograph.

Scented candles can evoke happy memories and even put your lover in a calm and relaxed mood. They also make for pretty accessories in your space and can look aesthetic when placed in the right spot.

All these Valentine gift ideas are perfect to start off this season of love and strengthen your bond with your significant other. Hopefully, you can draw inspiration from these ideas and work out something of your own! Happy Valentine’s Day!