Delightful Bhai Phota Gifts the perfect way to send love to your sister

It’s almost time to honour your first best friend, partner-in-crime, and venting partner of the family- your sister. Bhaidooj is a great time to tell your favourite gal how much she means to you. This time, the catch is to show her your love and gratitude by choosing the perfect bhai phota gifts for her. However, finding something as pretty as your sister might seem next to impossible. But trust us, it is doable!!

From sentimental presents to funny picks, we have everything that will work wonders on your sister this Bhaidooj. Stay with us:

  1. Pet portrait
  2. After you, her pet is her favourite person in the world. If your sister owns a pet, it is a good time to surprise her with a custom-made pet portrait. Go the extra mile and gift her a framed pet portrait of her dog or a cat on Bhai dooj. With a custom pet portrait, you will make her day!

  3. Ceramic tea set
  4. This festive season, celebrate the tiniest moments in life with your sister over a cup of chai. For that, you have to handpick a ceramic tea set! Gift her a gorgeous ceramic tea set and watch her gush about it in front of her friends and family on every evening tea party. You can even add a dash of personalisation to the tea set by engraving her initials.

    Bhai Phota Gift for Sister- Ceramic Tea Set

  5. Personalised chocolates
  6. Bhai Phota Gift for Sister- Personalised Chocolates

    Let’s go back to the time you and your sister fought over a box of chocolates. The heated argument over chocolates between you two might have left her in tears back then. So, make up for it this year by pampering her with an exclusive box of chocolates. Choose her favourite chocolate box and personalise it to add a special touch to it.

  7. Cosy cardigan
  8. This festive season, end your hunt for the perfect bhai phota gift for your sister with a cosy cardigan. It will make a chic statement in her winter wardrobe. So, pick a cute little cardigan for her that will keep her warm and cosy on chilly mornings. Trust us, it will easily become one of those bhaidooj gifts that she will start living in!!

    Bhai Phota Gift for Sister- Cardigan

  9. Goodluck horseshoe
  10. Bhai Phota Gift for Sister- Goodluck Horseshoe

    Diwali is a great time to surprise your sister with truckloads of good luck and positive vibes. So, send a good luck horseshoe as a Bhai phota gift for a sister who requires some motivational and positive energy every now and then. Look for a shiny, brass horseshoe that attracts good vibes.

  11. The happiness book
  12. There can be days in her life when she feels down and dull. On such days, share a smile with her by giving her one of the thoughtful bhai dooj gifts for a sister- The happiness book. This book lists certain keys and elements to happiness for transforming the lives of the readers into something that elates them. This way, you can bring some joy and balance in her life.

    Bhai Phota Gift for Sister-The Happiness Book

  13. LED skin therapy mask
  14. This Diwali, take her skincare routine a notch higher by gifting her an LED skin therapy mask. These masks are everything that your sister probably needs! In fact, they actually work flawlessly to get your sister glowing like a star on every special occasion. It reduces wrinkles and acne while speeding up the collagen at the same time. Amazing right?

  15. Bedside smartphone vase
  16. Does your sister have a knack for quirky home decor products? If that’s the case, you are in sheer luck. A bedside smartphone vase is exactly what your sister needs today!! It is a dual product that serves the purpose of holding a smartphone in place as well as brightening up the bedside table. A bedside smartphone vase is a sleek that is designed keeping in mind the concept of form-meets-function.

  17. Travel cosmetic case
  18. Bhai Phota Gift for Sister-Travel Cosmetic Case

    We are sure that your sister has truckloads of makeup products with her. With so many products, it can get a tad difficult for her to carry everything wherever she goes. Under such a scenario, a travel cosmetic case can come to her rescue. Give a travel cosmetic case as a bhai phot gift for a sister who is a cosmetic-hoarder. This way, she can take all her beauty products along with her in a safe and sound manner on every adventure.

    This list of Bhai dooj gift ideas is specially curated for every type of sister. Whether she is a foodie, travel junkie, or a makeup enthusiast, these bunch of options will help you find something for your sister this festive season. Happy shopping and a very joyous Diwali to you and her!

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