Diwali Celebration: 5 unconventional Ways of Celebrating Diwali with your loved ones

The five-day-long celebrations of Diwali are quite massive. Right from the ancestors to the youth of today, everyone celebrates Diwali with great enthusiasm. During the festive season, every individual follows the age-old Diwali traditions of lighting diyas, lanterns, and fireworks. Rather than repeating the same practice every year, how about try different this time?

Bring a small change in your Diwali celebration this year with these top five unconventional ways of commemorating it with your loved ones:

  1. Take the eco-friendly route
  2. The excessive noise and air pollution during Diwali is the primary reason to celebrate the festive season in an eco-friendly manner. This year, dedicate the celebrations to nature to ensure everyone’s peace of mind.

    For starters, avoid bursting crackers. In case you’re keen on celebrating the festival with fireworks, opt for eco-friendly crackers that are easily available in the market. Rather than purchasing plastic bags for handing over Diwali gifts to your loved ones, choose eco-friendly potlis to send the personalised gifts of the festive season. All in all, celebrating Diwali in an eco-friendly way will bring us a step closer to protect mother Earth.

    Eco-friendly Diwali Celebration

  3. Organise a meal for the less-privileged
  4. The festival of lights is all about togetherness, love, and laughter. So why not come together for the joyous celebrations of this festival with the underprivileged people? Celebrating Diwali with them will instantly bring a smile on their face.

    Host a lunch or a dinner party for them. On this day, you can either cook a traditional Diwali meal or order readymade food for them. This wholesome gesture will fill their and your hearts with love. This Diwali, let’s not forget the ones who are never spared a thought and left behind!

  5. Volunteer at old age homes
  6. Diwali Celebration at old age homes

    Volunteering at old age homes is the most precious way of celebrating Diwali. This year, take some time out of your hectic schedule and visit the old age home to commence your Diwali celebration with them.

    There is nothing more wholesome than sitting with old people on an auspicious day and listening to their stories. Light diyas, distribute sweets or chocolates and spread joy among them. Trust us, you’ll come back home with only happy memories that you will treasure for life!

  7. Celebrate the artisans
  8. Diwali is a mega Indian festival of the year that is celebrated on a grand scale across the nation. During this period, the streets and markets are flocked with self-made decorative items. These products are made with skillful hands to give it an aesthetic look.

    This festive season, celebrate the hard-working artisans that put their heart and soul in delivering intricate pieces of art. So, pick handmade items made by them for this festive occasion rather than purchasing lamps and lanterns made by foreign lands.

    Diwali Celebration Handiwork artisans

  9. Attend workshops
  10. Diwali Celebration Workshops

    Lighting diyas is one of the common Diwali traditions in the nation. So why not learn to make diyas at home this year? There are several diya making workshops that give you the opportunity to do it yourself.

    This festive season, design a beautiful diya by yourself and brighten everyone’s life who filled it with joy and affection. Play around with these diyas and transform them into fun shapes to make it yours. You can even customise a diya and gift it to your loved ones as personalised Diwali gifts.

The above-mentioned unusual ideas to celebrate Diwali this year will be extra-special for everyone. Along with lighting lamps, you can make the five-day-long celebration memorable with these unconventional ways. Happy Diwali!

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