Diwali chocolate: Experience the joy of gifting

Age is just a number when it comes to a few things, and chocolate is one such beloved treat. From grandparents who silently relish it with their dentures on to kids who paint their faces in chocolate while savouring it, they have an endless affinity. Chocolates hold a place of their own when it comes to celebrations and gifting. A box of chocolates is packed with oodles of emotions and makes a great choice for a gift. So, what can be better than a luscious Diwali chocolate box as a souvenir for your loved ones?

Diwali is a festival where the old and the young get effervescent to celebrate it with grandeur. From adorning Goddess Lakshmi in flowers and jewels to decking the home with lights, diyas and delicate rangolis in various colours, to preparing delectable sweets and savouries for worshipping and for the festive feast, it’s an exhaustive list that gets the entire family to pitch in. As gifting is a traditional part of this festivity, everyone loves to plan ahead and get things ready to create something unique for their near and dear ones. This year, maybe replace the authentic Diwali sweets gift and make it a chocolate Diwali affair.

To elaborate the chocolate Diwali concept a little more, we have listed some amazing gifting ideas for you.

Handmade Diwali chocolate gift pack

Love to plan something special for your family and friends? Make time to create handmade gift packs so you can give them a personal touch. Start by replacing the traditional sweet box and make it a Cadbury celebration Diwali with a delectable Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack. It contains Dairy Milk Bars, 5 Star and Gems that each have their own unique taste and texture to relish. Add in a beautifully painted pot with some seeds, or go for a pair of painted wall plates. Pair this with a group photo taken with the giftee and write a message on the back. This Diwali chocolate gift pack will be acknowledged as one of the best Diwali gifts for family.

Happy Diwali chocolate themed gifts

As the idea says, make it a chocolate themed gift. It will have everything chocolate, and it will need a little creative effort from you. This delectable gift idea is the perfect Diwali gift for parents, or you can also give it as Diwali gifts for family. If you are an avid baker, you can whip up some choco-chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes or even some desserts and wrap them up in brown paper boxes and gold ribbons. Order in a Cadbury Warm Wishes Silk Miniatures box that contains bars in flavours of Classic Chocolate, Sea Salt, Butterscotch and Almond. Personalise it with a family photo and a wish message on the cadburygifting site while ordering. Add a couple of Dairy Milk Silk Bars to the mix.

Now, get a big cardboard box and wrap it in brown and gold. Take the chocolate bars and stick them inside the box. Tape them on the sides, at the bottom and cover the box up, leaving no space. Place the baked goodies and the silk miniatures box inside it and give the finishing wrapping touches. That’s what you call a chocolate Diwali. Ditch the Diwali sweets gift packs and make Diwali chocolate boxes to please your giftee.

Diwali gift ideas for boyfriend and his family

Diwali gift hamper ideas can be something simple and personal or lavish and out of the box. Step it up this year to please not just your guy but also his family. Take note of how to impress them with a Diwali gift. Keep aside the age-old Diwali sweets gift idea and go all in. Let’s begin with listing down the thing his parents or siblings may like. You’ll need to extract this information from him. So once you have your list, start shopping. If you find yourself hitting a dead end, then here’s what’s safe to pick up as a gift. You can opt for silk sarees for his mom in her favourite shades and maybe a watch for his dad. Select a chic bag or a pampering spa kit for the sister and perhaps a pair of trendy sneakers for the brother.

Add in a sweet gesture by ordering a Cadbury Warm Wishes Cane Basket with Brass Diya to top it all. This confectionery box can be customised with any 3 chocolates of your choice from the Dairy Milk Silk range - Bubbly, Fruit & Nut, Oreo, Oreo Red Velvet, Hazelnut, Roast Almond, Mousse and Plain Chocolate. It also comes with an Oreo Milkshake Carton, Oreo Vanilla Creme Biscuit and 1 Brass Diya. Doesn’t that make it the perfect chocolate gift hampers for Diwali? You can shop this delightful gift from cadburygifting to make it a chocolate Diwali.

These Diwali gift ideas for family will surely win you smiles and admiration. All you have to do is plan ahead, shop and set it all up. Make this festive season delicious for your loved ones by making it a chocolate Diwali.