chocolate diwali gifts

The Festival of Lights is at the door, and the “spring cleaning” is at full speed. The décor is getting planned, and the party menus are discussed at every family meal. The tradition of visiting friends and family and gift-giving takes us on a journey to find appropriate gifts for different people who have contributed to our happiness.

Though it’s customary to give sweetmeats, nuts and dry fruits on Diwali, some of us are done with the dull and plain. We hunt for something that can light up the giftee’s face with sheer joy, and therein lies our answer – Diwali chocolate wins hands down when it comes to bringing cheer! Gifting sweets on Diwali has a sanctimonious meaning to it; it conveys thoughtfulness and appreciation for the people in your life, which makes chocolate Diwali gifts most appropriate.

Gifting has been an important tool of human interactions that bolsters cohesiveness and strengthens bonds. Though the concept of gifting has remained the same over the years, the ways of gifting have evolved immensely. The things of beauty are measured in the beholder’s eyes. Thus, sweetmeats are a preferable gift over other materialistic presents as this humble gift is relished by all – be it elders or kids. Chocolate Diwali gifts make for a wonderful giveaway that is versatile – gift it on its own or pair it with another gift, and mission accomplished!

Here we come with some decadent suggestions to make your Diwali gifting less of a chore and more of a pleasurable experience. So, read along and make the festivities memorable this year.

Diwali chocolate gift pack to make your parents swoon with pride

Maybe you are still playing around with some ideas to figure the best Diwali gifts for family, especially your parents. A lot of work goes into coming up with something you expect each one of them to relish. This is not a small task unless you have some fantastic pre-made hampers to pick from. This is where we would gladly suggest looking into Rich Dry Fruit Gift Hamper With Wooden Tray from Cadbury. This chic wooden tray can be loaded up with the most luxurious chocolates that Cadbury offers today. It comes with one Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Pack like the name suggests, which allows you to choose five sinful chocolates from their Dairy Milk Silk and Dark chocolate collection. Remember, no hassle of looking up Diwali hamper packaging ideas with this classic wooden tray to carry this sweet joy in. In fact, add a hardcover coffee table book on India, and you are ready to impress. This is a gift that will definitely enrich your festive celebrations, making the day even more special than it already is. We would suggest this as one of the top Diwali gifts for parents who would be proud that you are keeping the tradition of gifting nuts and dry fruits alive in this super-rich Diwali sweets gift.

Diwali gift ideas for office staff that will make you the favourite boss ever

We truly believe that the best Diwali gifts for employees are always respect and appreciation for their role in your work life, but chocolates will undeniably add to the appreciation. You might have cherished the company and efforts of your office staff and colleagues for a long time, and Diwali is a time when you can actually show them that you see them as actions always speak louder than words. Gifting is a great way to say you are forever grateful to them and that you care.

We understand that deciding on corporate Diwali gifts for employees can be a tedious process – you want the best and still have a cap on the amount you can put into the gift. This is the perfect situation in which you can go with the Celebrations Assorted Pack from Cadbury. Designed to create moments of pure magic, this gift pack has something for everyone as it contains Dairy Milks, Cadbury 5-Star and packs of Gems. This modest pack is beyond any doubt one of the best Diwali gift hampers for employees, which once again can be paired with a set of colourful diyas to spread light and smiles this festive season.

Best Diwali gifts for family and friends to spread the festive spirit

Chocolate gift hampers for Diwali are cherished by all. You can’t go wrong with chocolates as they make the best Diwali sweets gift. Get online to get some Diwali hamper packaging ideas to assemble one on your own with these sweet delicacies, adding a few small traditional symbols to it, and you are good to go. Try packing in a small book of rangolis or maybe a few floating candles to the delectable bars. This gesture of pairing a traditional gift with sweets makes your gift most enticing. You can also go with colourful bindis and glass bangles for the women in your family. You can also go on to and order Warm Wishes Satin Potli that comes with five Silk chocolates and a brass diya. After all, it’s all about spreading the festive spirit and bringing joy in your loved ones’ lives, so think outside the box.

We wish you a Happy Chocolate Diwali this year!