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Diwali Office Decoration

Office Diwali parties are super fun when everyone lets their hair down to bond over gifts and sweets . But before the office party can be held, the office must be appropriately decorated for the occasion. Here are some ideas about creative Diwali decoration in the office that we, at Cadbury Gifting , felt that you would find useful.

1. Diyas

Diwali without diyas just cannot be imagined! Get as many brightly coloured earthenware (eco-friendly) diyas as possible to light up the office. You can use the unlit diyas as decorative items to brighten up the place too. You could also order chocolate gift boxes from Cadbury Gifting that are bursting with the delicious lushness of rich chocolate such as the Diwali Cadbury Chocolate Gift Box or the Diwali Chocolate Gift Box with Diyas or the Personalised Diwali Cadbury Chocolate Gift Box . Not only do they come with diyas but also add considerably to the celebratory look of the office when stacked along with other decorations. T-lights are another variation of the original theme you can use.

2. Rangoli

Here is a Diwali decoration idea for the office reception. The rangoli is traditionally considered auspicious on Diwali and it is best to place it in the reception areas. In fact, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one area, do as many as you feel may look nice. Originally, of course, it was the artistic ladies of the house who created and coloured the rangoli at home. However, these days’ pattern stencils are available to make your job easy. Also available are coloured powders to fill the patterns in; be careful to buy eco-friendly powders though. You can also use flower petals to create the rangoli.

3. Candles

The warm glow of candles is another way to decorate the office and light up every nook and corner. From plain candles in every shape and size to scented candles to convenient electric candles, you can choose from a very wide range. Then there are floating candles which are a category of their own because they can lend magic to any decoration set piece. Fill up large flat bowls with water, float some lighted candles in them as well as flowers of different colours and admire the festive air they impart to the office.

4. Torans

Traditionally, torans made of mango leaves have always been hung on the top of the main doorway to welcome Goddess Laxmi into the house. But torans can be made of any material – flowers, beads, threads, cloth and paper – turn them into eco-friendly Diwali office decoration. They can be strung anywhere – along the walls, on pillars, around window frames -- to lend an air of festivity on Diwali.

5. Fairy Lights

There’s nothing like fairy lights to bring cheer to office Diwali decorations. Available in an array of shapes and colours, they can be used in all manners of ways to give the office a warm glow. You can drape them on plants, on pillars, against window frames and doorways, or in individual cubicles, they will always look good.

6. Lanterns

One of the best creative office decoration ideas for Diwali is kandils. Kandils are the traditional paper lanterns, made of very colourful paper, that were always hung in houses during the Diwali days. They are thankfully making a comeback these days, after an absence of a few years. Light up the diya or the bulb inside the kadils and hang them up in strategic locations, especially in outdoor areas, and watch the magical and colourful shades of light they throw up. If you can’t lay your hands on kandils, Chinese paper lanterns will do just as well. The warm glow of their light can make any occasion special.

7. Paper decorations

From plain-coloured paper streamers/ribbons to honeycomb streamers to paper fans to paper honeycomb balls to paper lanterns, paper decorations come in an astonishingly wide array of sizes, shapes and colours. They are versatile too and can be used in any manner to dress up any place.

9. Flowers

Garlands of flowers, especially marigold which is considered auspicious, can also raise the festive quotient of the office a notch. They can be used to decorate pillars, doorways, window frames and stairways – to name just a few places. Alternatively, the petals can be used to make small decorative motifs on the floor.

9. Bottle lamps

Bottle lamps, bottles with lights inside them, also add a magical touch to the office when used strategically. Place them at every desk or in clusters on the floor at different heights and they will truly impart the warmth and fun spirit of Diwali.

But more than the decorations, it is the people who make up the office. The most important part of office celebrations is for everyone to dress up in their traditional best, bond with each other, forget past differences and have the best fun possible.

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