Diwali Gift Hamper Ideas

Diwali, a festival of immense light and warmth, comes with the spirit of giving. Spreading #joyinsideandout is what makes for a very memorable celebration, no matter where you may be. While most of us are lucky enough to spend time with our loved ones, not everyone has the luxury to do that. Several people around us might be unable to partake in the grand festivities for their own reasons. While you may not be able to completely change things around for them, with just some extra effort, you’ll see that you can make a difference. Even if it’s not much, it’s better than doing nothing. So, if you have the means to help someone less privileged than you, take a step forward to bring joy into their lives. These Diwali gift hamperideas could make their day and bring alive the true spirit of Diwali - even if it’s only a tiny gesture of giving them some Diwali chocolate.

With some planning, you can surely put together Diwali gift hampers that will bring a massive smile to their face and show them your appreciation.

Surprise a senior citizen with a hand-made Diwali gift hamper

Old age takes a huge toll on people’s health. Someone who was actively a part of the festivities at a younger age might find it hard to get hold of things they need to decorate their house when they’re old. In these situations, you can always step in and be the hero who offers to help. There might be old people in your neighbourhood who have nobody to rely on. Be the good Samaritan and put together a small Diwali gift hamper to make them feel like a part of the celebrations. You can buy Diwali décor from NGOs that support the marginalised, ones that work with different-abled kids & so on. This way, the proceeds can contribute to a cause.

Once you’ve got the décor sorted, customise the hamper a Diwali sweets box or Diwali chocolate boxes. After all, it’s only tradition to do so! For this, we’d recommend the Happy Diwali Chakri Gift Pack. You can choose any 6 chocolates of your choice from the Dairy Milk and Silk chocolates coupled with a brass diya. The best part is you don’t have to stress about Diwali hamper packaging ideas as his pack also comes with some real elegant packaging!

Gift the security guard happy Diwali chocolate

Your apartment complex or office building usually has a security guard or two that you might be familiar with. Although you might not interact with them often, they are the ones that come around to help when you’re facing electricity issues or any other minor inconveniences. They also look out for you by keeping an eye on the surveillance cameras, sometimes even staying up to do so. Showing them appreciation could really get them motivated to work harder. You can choose to gift them brand new clothes, personal hygiene products or food items. However, don’t forget to add chocolate to the mix, and that would make the best Diwali gift! You can choose to gift them some happy Diwali chocolate from the Cadbury website – for instance, the Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Gift Hamper with Brass Diya. It contains 1 unit of Rich Dry Fruit Goodies Pack, any 5 chocolates of your choice from the available Dairy Milk Silk and Dark Chocolates. You also don’t have to fret about the packaging since it can be neatly placed in the wooden tray that comes with the chocolates.

Donate to a local organisation of your choice

Supporting a cause is a good way to ensure that someone else can also enjoy the festivities. Reach out to charity organisations that work for the marginalised or underprivileged community. If you are charitably inclined, donate to a local organisation of your choice. An orphanage or an NGO for differently-abled children is always an excellent option. Your donation could help them overcome their biggest challenges to include the availability of good nutrition and education that these children are deprived of. Your small donation could go a long way to provide a nourishing environment for them and help build their future. If you’d like to be directly involved, you can always pay them a visit with small Diwali sweets gift packs that will surely light up their day. These can be coupled up with a bunch of toys, clothing, stationery or books & magazines to stimulate their minds. Make sure to include some happy Diwali chocolate in these hampers, and you’re good to go. Try the Warm Wishes Kids Potli, which contains 1 unit of Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut, 1 unit of Cadbury Chocobakes, 1 unit Gems Surprise, 1 unit of Silk Oreo, 1 unit of Dairy Milk Lickables, and 1 of unit Dairy Milk. This delicious package of Diwali chocolate will be worth the infectious smiles you will witness on their bright faces.

In conclusion, if you can light up someone’s world this Diwali, don’t hesitate. Order Cadbury’s Diwali chocolate boxes and get gifting!

Happy Diwali!